POWELL Calls For MASS LAY-OFFS (Recession 2022 Around The Corner)

In your nightly wrap-up, we bring you the . Jerome Powell came out with a hawkish statement on inflation as Elon Musk says America is already in a . Are we already in an in 2022 or is the worst still to come? Do Kwon pushes his Terra Revival proposal live even though 92% of the Terra community voted “no”. AAVE has opened its decentralized social media company Lens protocol on the Polygon blockchain. Finally, regulation becomes a topic with the G7.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:27 Jerome Powell
1:16 Recession
2:03 Terra Revival Proposal
2:45 G7 Regulation
3:18 Lens Protocol


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POWELL Calls For MASS LAY-OFFS ( Around The Corner)

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    1. Dude, we’re not. Wait until Uncle Joe has you paying $8 a gallon for gas. You ain’t seen nothin yet homie.

  1. At the end of the rate charade, the FED will just say, “You know what? We couldn’t save the USD, so here’s a new CBDC we’ll start over with”

    1. Here’s a digital copy of the same thing that we’re convincing you it’s different and will be different this time 😀

  2. I have never been so involved in economics, feds and crypto currency…so much to learn

  3. Again the little guy is paying the price, you wonder how the wealthy becomes more wealthy this is how. Wealthy will make money in any market condition by taking advantage of the masses.

  4. Of course layoffs are coming people are not going to have a choice they’re going to have to spend less money at retail stores hotels restaurants you name it

  5. I’d love to see another portfolio update for you Ben. Curious to see how much you’re still working with

    1. @Ebythe Beach these guy isn’t stupid he’s all out since q4 of 2021 and will wait untill the floor to go back I

  6. *The FED has lost it and the sad fact is, it’s pretty obvious we are headed for hyperinflation. I think stores better have tight security because when people can’t afford to feed their families, things might get ugly*

    1. @Lev Naw, up here in Washington State they’re allowed to steal whatever they want and nobody stops them.

    2. Last night my locked utility trailer was stolen from my home. This will get worse. Lead will fly

    3. @Michael O’Donnell — I hate to say it But Who would know what Good Quality Tools , chainsaw, Valuables were in it. Like a Friend of a friend and its kind of desperate so who has Habits they need money for or who lost a job and ran out of unemployment. U might figure it out but don’t get arrested for any looking around. If you live in a semi- bad area then yeah it could be random dirtbags. They may have just wanted the trailer. man that sucks . Home owners insurance ? Absolute incompetents and crooks running the country. Stupid people as well.

  7. it’s tough because I want my crypto to go up due to dollar inflation… but i don’t want to see everyone who’s not prepared for the recession suffer as a result.

    1. I think we are going to double bottom before rebounding. Unless the Fed increases rates, we still have a long way to go until inflation at least slows down. Trade a small percentage of your portfolio rather than going in and out every couple weeks trying to time the market. Thanks to (The Polk Wealth Management Group), for their amazing skills for helping me to earn 9 BTC from 3 BTC through day trading.

    2. @Lizzie James The Polk Wealth is the best in this space, I’m happy to come across these recommendations. I have worked with them and I can testify to their servi¢es. I am impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of the investment diligence packages they provides, and the return in all cases has been very positive with returns sometimes exceeding the initial plans.

  8. Crypto is failing to live up to its hype of being a store of value and hedge against inlfation.

    1. Long term for crypto, the hedge against inflation was a worthwhile narrative during pandemic in which all the money printing was going on. Bitcoin will always be a great store of value, supply and demand is always major key

    2. In 4 years crypto will be more and more part of our everyday world and the prices / Value of Solid Projects will 10 X. – 20X. . Then You will look back and say how did I not know that this was a bloody birth of a new Industry and Economic Paradigm. This is Like Early Dial Up Internet Days. Crypto is still a Baby.

    3. I anticipated this because too much greed not using the technology right, after another level down in time the Real development will start!

  9. I can only imagine how great our economy would be if the government would stay out of it!!!

  10. Love you, Ben! Thank you for all you do! You’ve been my 1st go-to source for crypto and important news for almost two years now. 💗 I just want to say to everyone, take a little time to get your house in order- extra water, freeze dried food, powdered milk, medicines, batteries, cooking oils, etc. And, not financial advice, but invest as much as you can in crypto. Hard times are likely coming. Always keep a full tank of GAS. There is a diesel fuel shortage right now. It will be coming to us very soon. Love and light to all the Bitsquad.

  11. Companies would be smart to lay of management not blue collar. The last lay off companies kept management and layoff workers. Huge mistake. Lost a lot more money that way. Let’s see if the learned

  12. Thanks for the news. Big thanks to the time stamps. And thanks for your time for this.

  13. The de-pegging was very carefully orchestrated for a specific reason: regulation. I do not know how TF nobody see’s what happened.
    Tradfi and spectacular US leadership wrecked all of you, on purpose. Where do you think that money went huh?

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