POWERFUL Crypto Made for The Military (Constellation ISO20022 Review)

Constellation is a largely unknown member of the ISO 20022 coins group, and this project has been quietly putting together some of the massive government partnerships. Data usage and storage is growing exponentially, and with that comes the need for a truly secured and decentralized infrastructure. In this video we are going to take a closer look at Constellation, a use-case driven project that aims to leverage the immense value of data in the future internet of things.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:39 What is DAG?
1:22 Staking DAG
2:05 DAG Partnerships
3:14 DAG Tokenomics
3:34 Conclusion

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POWERFUL Crypto Made for The Military (Constellation ISO20022 Review)

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    1. @Scott how did you misslead? I’ll quote you “this dag is not” when referring to if it is centralized. That’s a flat LIE it’s 100% centralized and permissioned with no pro concensus lol

    2. @Nathan your saying that as if every feature is released and it’s not. It will be a phased rollout. They have stated that multiple times.

    3. @ThaConnectedOne what is the dod “peer reviewing”? Pixy dust? lol there is NO paper breaking down this “PRO” concensus and NO implementation of it 🤦‍♂️ on top of that you can’t even say who at the dod is peer reviewing it 🤣

    4. @Scott lol…u read off talking points…actually made nate and Is point and dug urself a pretty nice hole…if u like trusting centeralized entities with your $ ! Sam and Caroline said FTT is a good investment


  2. I own almost all of the ISO 20022 coins but not this one. I’ve known about it for a while but hadn’t known about its partnerships. How solid are they really?

    1. Be careful.. they Aren’t decentralized at all and based in the USA. The concensus mentioned is NOT currently implemented. To run a node you need permission from the Team.

    2. @Matt you obviously don’t know how the peer review process works lmao there isn’t even a published paper but you think it’s “peer reviewed” 🤣

    3. @Nathan so go check out the SBIR Phase I & Phase II contracts they’ve completed with the DoD. And they’re working on the
      Phase III contract that doesn’t limit funding (think $Millions+)

    4. @SALIMSS what does that have to do with the fact the “government” can’t peer review lol (not how it works) and the fact it’s centralized with no pro concensus paper or implementation running?

    1. Fee-less (because all the nodes are run by the gov) and instant (because nobody is getting paid to run the network and the gov controls it) is why it’s huge, so think twice.

    1. @Nathan They know they’re all paid shills, BitBoy buys shitcoins, shills them to his followers then dumps, rinse and repeat, pure charlatans

    2. This is what EVERY1 said about NANO ( RaiBlocks ) and Iota when they popped off on major exchanges in ’17🤣🤣🤣🤣 the emotional cycles keeeeep repeating

    3. It’s been almost 5 years and they still are completely centralized, you can’t even run a node with out permission from the team. And this concensus mechanism they shill has no documentation or proof of it even working lol

  3. Been on this for two years…. I even told Ben about all these partnerships at the Santa Monica meet up last year. hgtp:// FTW!

    1. I’d say it valued fairly considering its basically in a beta and completely centralized, you can’t run nodes with out permission, there are no smart contacts, and pro isn’t implemented. The vid is misleading.

    1. It’s called a REVIEW. That’s not the same. And what he actually said was they will not SPONSOR tokens for pay anymore. Too risky.

  4. Great vid! I’m a fan again! Thank you for reviewing $DAG 🙌. The numbers in CMC are inaccurate though. Coin Gecko market cap numbers are correct.

  5. Military tokens are going to be HOT AF 🔥 I’d rather have the military on the blockchain, instead of using that fiat garbage that can fail at any moment. Because eventually IT WILL! ☝️🧐

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