Raoul Pal Gives Critical Warning For Changing Markets: The Economy Is Weakening!

In today’s exclusive interview, Ben sits down with Raul, renowned philanthropist, entrepreneur and founder of Real Vision, to discuss the latest happenings in the landscape.

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Raoul Pal Gives Critical Warning For Changing Markets: The Economy Is Weakening!

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    1. Ben says a lot of stuff, then always goes back and tries to claim he called this or that. I agree Ben lately has a chip on his shoulder cause he made some big money and is starting to get noticed. No better than that bridge troll “The Moon Carl”. Calm down Ben.

    2. @Jenn Lane
      We can say what we like. As for BB, he’s one arrogant man and he changes his tune more times than I’ve had hot dinners!!!

    3. I love how he called Raoul is “friend” in the beginning 😂 ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT 😂😂😂

  1. Wonderful insights delivered in a reassuring and informative manner, thanks for bringing Rao Paul on!

  2. Appreciate everyone sharing their information and opinions.Invest wisely by doing your own research 🧐

  3. Fantastic interview. I love the honesty and openess from both side. No one know where we are headed. Except up and to the right long term.

  4. The inelastic market hypothesis shows that retail move prices not institutions because they trade far more and for every net dollar they trade the market moves at least 5 dollars. When the depression comes retail will panic and buy USD. Crypto is going down a long way before it goes to new highs.

  5. I m so glad you’ve started talking about your “top of the market” predictions from October to November 21 (for which you have been so criticized! )Every time I think about the four year cycle, your predictions come to mind. YOU WERE RIGHT ALL THE TIME, and nobody wanted to aknowledge it.

  6. Enjoyed the views you and Raul talked about, good job. What I believe most people don’t see is how the old established financial system, IE the Fed and banking systems around the world are working to protect the status quo and at the same time try to manipulate Bitcoin as well as the Blockchain into a position of control, whereby they dictate bitcoin price action to their benefits.

  7. I hate that the market can be manipulated by a group of people. they go about kill small investors but i am of the opinion of being unemotional towards the market, don’t FUD or FOMO no matter what, have in mind that the market will always present an opportunity so be patient.

  8. Excellent news 👏 WE ARE ALL EARLY ADOPTERS AND STAND TO GAIN! Thank you BITBOY and Raoul Pal for keeping us so informed 👍

  9. To the XRP holders who have been faithful and strong: what does everybody think about this delay and is this all truly planned?
    Will this not be resolved until mid to late 2023? Will congress give crypto regulations? Any realistic thoughts?

  10. That was great interview. Actual realistic talk on market at moment instead of hopium from everyone else. Good discussion instead of everyone on YouTube trying to be relevant still.

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