REAL Reason Behind Elon’s Twitter Acquisition (Exposing SEC Corruption)

In tonight's nightly : Musk sends the media into a frenzy in his bold attempt to purchase Twitter, an ex-member of Safemoon’s marketing team gets exposed in a massive pump and dump scandal and as the SEC approves another futures ETF, the industry begins to wonder when a spot ETF will get the greenlight.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:25 and Twitter
2:10 Frankie Candles
4:25 SEC and Teucrium

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REAL Reason Behind Elon's Twitter Acquisition (Exposing SEC Corruption)

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  1. Combine bitboys shirts, Mac n cheesys hats, and kevin o’Leary’s pants and you get the perfect ensemble…..

  2. Elon the only one who can really send a crypto to the actual moon. Maybe Elon can send a doge miner satellite that monitors the moon?

  3. Ben is trying so hard to get out of that consistent tone he reads like a robot. Lol at least he is trying

  4. The “over to you Franky Candles” is sooo cheesy. Go back to speaking to your audience, instead of pretending to be the evening news. It’s so unnatural.

  5. Most of the shareholders are big fund companies. If the board rejects the bid I think the institutional investors will make them pay a steep price.

  6. I really enjoy these short summary videos that I can actually share and get to the other ppl who unlike me don’t have the time to research and watch everyone’s 2hr+long streams lol so this’s a genius idea cuz it’s short and succinct I can share it and ppl will actually watch it and sometimes I don’t do it with crypto ppl so I’m fishing for them to get into it via word of mouth so I’ll share this cuz of the news and it’ll have crypto on the side which once they notice hey more ppl are talking about this n buying it accepting it as payment etc they’ll maybe get interested and ask me about getting into it so there’s that I’ll share this on FB like everyday lol. But it has to have both crypto and world news like this keep em coming.

  7. with this market everything is possible so you Might consider this :
    NFT marketplace coming soon
    Staking and launchpad already live
    NFA , DYOR
    It’s ” GreenChart “.

  8. Is the REAL reason he bought Twitter because he likes Doge? That doesn’t count as a real reason… also lose Frankie in these videos. It’s weird and doesn’t flow right.

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