“RealFi IS IN AFRICA” (CARDANO FOUNDER Talks Equality, Education & Fair Markets)

In this continuation of my exclusive interview with Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson, we discuss the future expansion of Cardano's roadmap, the effect the project is having on countries in Africa, and Charles' position on the Ripple Labs vs. SEC case.

Part 1:

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0:00 Vasil hard fork
2:40 Alonzo fork results
8:36 Cardano in Africa
13:32 Rapid questions
14:52 Ripple vs SEC

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CARDANO FOUNDER Talks Equality, Education & Fair Markets (Best Market for Defi)

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  1. Hi from Greece!
    Those two people guide me through the crypto world. I’m so glad that i learn from you!!!

    Google we are coming!!

    1. I will go down to the bottom. Im not gonna be shaken out of this project intil I see reasonable reasons to get out. Id buy more at this price but I was in around $.05 so I will accept the staking rewards at the moment

  2. Thx Bitboy crypto crew. Really nice hearing all of these points being validated by Charles. Great job Ben in facilitating the conversation..most couldn’t keep up with Charles. One of the best videos I have seen produced. 👍👍👍👍. Let’s go Phillies!!!

  3. I hope the crypto of the people wins! Cause government and big money have failed most of us for too long!! Its time for good to prevail! God bless Cardano!! Thank you Ben and Bitboy crypto for shedding light on this great project!!

  4. Great to listen to a leader in the space and not just random YouTube chart people ! More of this

  5. Great interview series! Not sure how anyone could listen to Hoskinson speak and not invest atleast a little in Cardano

  6. Great interview!!! Thank you for helping us understand more about this incredible & worthy endeavor called Cardano that is truly helping literally everyone that chooses ADA. I have personally seen this in other countries… Thank You!!!

  7. Always had huge faith in Ada! Was sorry I sold most of my bag when it rose from 3 cents to 15, great time to dca now, I’m 4 years wiser now! Just Stay away from leverage trading and hodle is best advice

  8. Seems like ADA should be worth $15-20. Yes it is relatively young, but It’s being snapped up by institutional investors, has amazing quality, a very strong community, adoption is on fire Number 7 in market cap. When comparing prices of other crypto, Cardano looks ridiculously undervalued. Why is it only .47??

  9. This interview deserves 5k likes. Great questions Ben. Cardano is on another level. 🦾🦾🦾. Great job team 💯💯💯💯

  10. Its an awesome project but its kinda unlikely for ada to be worth $15-$20 anytime soon because of the circulating supply, maybe long term 10 years
    I understand $4-$5 dollar ada short term
    My humble opinion
    God bless you all, hope everyone prosper

  11. Thanks and respect to people like Charles Hoskinson
    We need people like him, sincere and honest, and who want to help poor people like in Africa……ADA is crypto nobler than gold!

  12. Would absolutely love to see more interviews like this. People that are actually creating solid crypto projects. Ty bitboy team!

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