Red Flags in Crypto 🚩👀 (Beware of Clones & Use Cases Not Suited for Blockchain! 🧐❌) #shorts

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  1. File sharing I would agree we need decentralised to prevent being taken down or censored. But Airbnb that needs to go. Such a rip off

    1. Government and health type stuff on a decentralized file sharing blockchain would be helpful. But many private businesses don’t necessarily need those features. Private centralized file storage is very cheap and efficient – blockchain isn’t exactly cheap or efficient right now and most businesses wouldn’t benefit from the decentralization aspect

    2. @Crypto Casey well, more in response to China. A friend had a comic she liked to read. How the writer decided to take the story upset one such reader and her complaints got the comic taken down and censored in China. So some sort would be really beneficial and stop governments or others from taking it down. But I guess it would be a hybrid of sorts as 64Gb usb cost nothing and not that hard to share.

  2. I worked on one of these companies just a year ago. That’s how I was introduced to crypto. I worked for marketing team, UX, but I know for a fact that most of our software products were cloned copies just customized to look different.

    Beware people. So many projects are popping up.

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