Robinhood Fired 300+ People Because Bitcoin Revenue Dropped By 68%

Today we will be discussing Stagflation. Is this a big concern for Americans or will it help drive adoption? Next, we’ll talk about Robinhood laying off 10% of its staff. What was the reasoning behind these ? Finally, we will discuss Magic the Gathering.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top . Our four experts include Wendy O, Altcoin Daily, Mine Your Biz, & Tom Crown. Tune in for their insightful analysis!

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Robinhood Fired 300+ People Because Bitcoin Revenue Dropped By 68%

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  1. Watched this entire video for the Magic content only to find out it was a bait and switch. That’s a wasted hour of my life I’ll never get back.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up that’s why I was checking in- thought magic had been brought to the blockchain

    1. Not to worry when you get into certain age/time of your life you almost do not care other people say and think about you, absolutely liberating

  2. Robin hood opened crypto wallets yesterday 4/26/22, you can now move coins in and out. Not sure about the fees but no way they are worse than coinbase fees.

    1. Yep, Robin Hood wallets are working. I don’t know if everyone has them yet, but I have mine.
      I think over the next few years Robin Hood will be doing just fine.
      I’m using about 10 different platforms but I like Robin Hood, it’s kind of cool to be able to trade stocks buy and sell options and crypto.
      I use it like a bank account too.
      With the RH debit card, transferring Fiat easily onto the platform.
      The only suggestion for improvement. I would have is start adding more coins to the platform and maybe add staking as well.
      Yeah the fees are definitely lower than standard coinbase.

  3. Lesgooooo! STEPN made it again onto my favorite crypto show! Good stuff J Chains. Can’t wait to see the content you guys made with my co-ambassador Barndog

  4. You’re right Wendy, its always seem to be the case start of June till end of every year the market seem to go bearish as far as I can remember, then market picking up again around February

  5. Wendy O is my favorite guest on this channel. We’re on the same wavelength with TA👍👍. Enjoy South Florida 😎

  6. Everytime I have doubt I just look at the total crypto market cap and it brings me to reality that we are so freaking early wow.

  7. I can’t wait for the bear market to continue. As many of you know, this is when the real money is made in crypto. Esketit!

  8. The only interesting topic was what did the evil maxis do to Wendy at the Bitcoin conference.. and you wouldn’t talk about it! NGMI

  9. As much as I don’t want to sell at a loss, I might have to sell all my stocks and the few cryptos I have with them cause they really aren’t looking that hot. They keep dropping like a sack of potatoes!

  10. 7:01 what if we kissed at 1.9 trillion dollar market cap😳
    16:05 lol
    23:55 lol
    34:55 💀
    36:10 😳
    36:40 hex moment
    39:10 lol

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