Russia Launches XRP COMPETITOR (Most Difficult Time For Finance!!)

In tonight's news wrap up, Frankie Candles takes a look at the current happenings in the landscape, including the world's headfirst dive into the highest inflation in years, Russia swerving around their Swift ban, and Solana potentially fumbling its status as a decentralized protocol.

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0:00 Intro
0:18 Universal Bear Market
2:12 Bitboy Special
2:34 Market watch
3:31 Splinter CELLS
4:35 The End of Solana?

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Russia Launches XRP COMPETITOR (Most Difficult Time For Finance!!)

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  1. Sfin and exfi is definitely an xrp competitor that is owned by xrp or how you say ripple.

  2. Strange feeling…..
    Feels like … .. .
    Watching real NEWS of CRYPTOWORLD.
    OWNER OF chanell may use my comment for promotion.

  3. Solend and Solana are two completely different entities, pretty bad research if you right away say Solana is now more centralized from the actions of Solend…. Yes Solana is pretty centralized but let’s not get ignorant just because of that.

  4. It takes fukn years to develop something like that I call bullshit and takes time to get the kinks out it ain’t happening lol…xrp is the one.

  5. Click bait lol.. still giving ya a thumbs up because I like ya Frankie Candles 🤙🏽

    Far as ODL goes + cross border payments being processed within a few seconds for less than a penny per transaction. For what XRP does and can do in the future, it doesn’t have any competition (;

    Perhaps whatever “competitor” there is, which could easily be HBAR or XLM.. go hand in hand. I believe one will be able to plug any currency/token into the the XRPL one day and exchange it for whatever currency one needs and take it out into whatever local cash they have internationally.

    The XRP ledger is a decentralized exchange that is capable of connecting all the money/countries + networks together. Awhile it’s in the process of integrating SWIFT and other legacy systems together as we speak/type.

  6. I’ve seen loads of ‘xrp killer’ videos over the last few year’s and its all been FUD. Even if there is a better solution, it takes year’s and year’s to set it up and integrate everyone. Just look how much Ripple have done. I think it’s already decided although it won’t be just one payment system used, there will be a fair few winners

  7. How safe is staking eth on Defi staking with venus on binance? Says estimated 10.2% 120 days so I’m a bit skeptic

  8. Ripple will cause a Wave. XRP is a Beast. No comp💯👊🏻 XRPwillOpenTheFloodGatesOnThisBullRun. Russia can’t Hang😡 JimmyVoid BronxBitcoinBulls. FrankieCandles 🤙🏻

  9. In what way is it ‘similar to Ripple’, can you name one technical aspect which is comparable other than the claim that it uses a blockchain?

  10. Imagine they say they are making a xrp coin only to push usa to adapt xrp to compete only to find out Russia is a huge whale of xrp making them crazy profit😅

  11. I hope XRP wins for the sake of the investors. If it’s labeled a security ? That would mean you are illegally holding a security. Ripple will dump it , start another coin as security and you will be holding nothing. So I hope they win.

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