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    1. @chris wallace Well he made his money didn’t he.
      I’d apologize for anything after the fact if I had a few million in the bank

    2. @Matt Nasta there is no reporting whatsoever in this stupid video. There is no information whatsoever about sbf. If you think this is journalism, you represent a huge portion of the population being fed rubbish by not very smart influencers and low level media called ‘the mob’

    3. @chris wallace
      Murderer : *Kill your family and you caught him red handed*
      Also murderer : “I’m TOTALLY sorry,

      so long loser enjoy loner life from now on”

    1. @I love dogs watched that vid. No real news there. All he does is regurgitate old stuff that bitboy has admitted to and apologized for.

    2. @Raymond Lee okay point me to the video where he admits to any of the things spoken about, admitting and apologising for scams after they’re over totally makes up for it…

    3. @Raymond Lee when did this fool ever apologise for the hundreds of pump and dump schemes he promoted. Go ahead and follow this fool until your portfolio goes to zero. it won’t take long

    1. He’ll be transformed the same way Kevin O’Leary did. Afterwards both will wear white robes and be friends with SBF.

    2. You are so right, I see where this is goin, he took the heat off himself selling and shilling shitcoins and making a ton of money, so now he made up an enemy of his, soon to be brother instead of villan

  1. We are Blessed to have you fighting for us in our corner!!! Keep up being the champ we need you and the squad to be!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. He will make up some excuse to get out of it at the last minute. On the off chance he does do the interview he will have thoroughly prepared a thousand reasons why it isn’t his or his team’s fault

  2. I Appreciate all your labor of love for the industry, Supreme Master! It REALLY does not go unnoticed! Safe Travels always!

  3. You are amazing, Ben. Thank you so much for all the things you are doing. You are the best journalist!!

  4. Keep up the wonderful work ben! May god bless you and your family and may he protect you at all cost 🙏😇

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