SBF Arrest COMING! (Caroline Ellison Spotted in NYC!)

has been spotted in NYC and this is big for Sam. Arrest is likely coming soon. FTX angered a lot of people around the world. It's not just the US.


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SBF Arrest COMING! ( Spotted in NYC!)

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    1. Bitboy has you gassed up. She isn’t going to be investigated and none of them will ever be arrested or spend one second in prison.

    2. @SPLΔSIVΞ Not gassed up, I was trying to imply he didn’t know what he was talking about. There might be a little theatrical congressional hearing with a whole bunch of finger pointing without any real consequences. But yeah I’m leaning more towards your thinking

  1. If SBF gets arrested and is awaiting trial while in jail and he’s in general pop I’d guarantee he’d flip and be willing to spill his guts for a much lesser sentence. That dude is never gonna make it in federal prison imo.

    1. IF … SBF goes to jail awaiting prosecution (unlikely) …. OR actually even if he gets bail….. he wont last long….. he’ll be ‘killlaried’

    2. Fed prison is way nicer and safer than state. The trade off is the amount of time you serve. Way bigger sentences, only 15 percent off for good time, no parole in fed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the club fed most think, you are still around dangerous people, but stay in your own lane and you breeze thru fed

  2. I KNEW I saw her!! I thought I was crazy, I kept looking and almost took a pic but I was telling myself, no, she wouldn’t be that stupid she’s in the Bahamas, why would she come to NYC? But I knew it was her!!

  3. I’ll add SBF & Caroline’s arrests to my long list of other people I’m waiting to be arrested….Trump, Matt Gaetz, etc

  4. From your previous video, it looks like you just voluntarily added yourself to the office pool of who will get arrested first. Will it be Do Kwon, SBF (or any number of fraudulently run crypto exchanges), 3AC, Mashinsky, or Bitboy?

  5. If they are smart, they would realize that other than Norway, Netherlands, or places like that day, the US has better prisons than most places.

  6. The tone down on Caroline is a bit disgusting but k, w/e. Haven’t personally lost a dime to these crooks but so many others have..

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