SHOCKING Bitcoin & Crypto Stats! (BIGGEST RISK For U.S. Treasury!!)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the markets and the latest .

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12:30 Market Watch
16:30 Charts
29:55 Twitter Buzz
34:43 Peter Schiff
38:45 Recession Fears
44:50 Lenders Halt
58:20 Addressing the FUD
1:02:05 /ETH Fight Back
1:09:19 XRPL Hogan
1:10:55 Quick Hits/Q&A

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SHOCKING Bitcoin & Crypto Stats! (BIGGEST RISK For U.S. Treasury!!)

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  1. I keep wondering how people earn money in cryptocurrencies,i tried trading on my own made a huge loss and now I’m scared of investing more in crypto

    1. Don’t trade but buy in the bear market and sell in the bull market. (hodl) Trading is not easy.

  2. I’m thinking whatever legal action you are taking is designed to put you in the front of the line for return on investments in Celsius. Not exactly a “community” move. I like you, Ben… but how can you honestly expect us to believe otherwise?

  3. No crap Ben has been in this longer than 99% vs the rest of us watching. Anyone in this market longer than him and with more capitol would never watch this channel.

  4. Funny how a couple months ago most people said around 24k will likely be the bottom & that a drop to 20k was their worst case scenario… maybe a wick lower but not that it’s at 20k all those people are calling for 10-16k lol

  5. It may btc go little low that 19k but be prepare it gonna surprise most of you !!!! I been on this position couple times but always goes up , soon or later so hold on don’t give up !!!!

  6. It’s not about how you feel about Celsius, it’s about everyone having a chance get their coins back.

  7. All the more reason to comprehend that Proof of Work will always be more secure and more decentralized that Proof of Stake

  8. They don’t bother me much, I’m more worried about the safety of the invested usdt in Bitcoin.

  9. Can you discuss the Celsius recovery plans? Also wasn’t it 3AC that screwed all the lenders over??

  10. How about doing a series, each episode reviews a popular exchange, pros and cons, how they’re making money, educate us on what we should be paying attention to before picking an exchange?

  11. The people still “waiting for the bottom” to buy… are gunna be the same people still waiting when it hits 15K, then still waiting at 20K, 30K,40K… then they’ll say “well now it’s too high, I’m waiting for it to come back down again”… Don’t hesitate folks, just DCA every week/month and you’ll be glad you did in 2024

  12. I was literally going to move some coins to Celsius the day the news came out. Dodged a bullet there.

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