A world first for Cardano staking is making headlines, England and Welsh lawmakers are changing the definition of and a massive move for in the banking space could set up a stratospheric bull run.

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Internet of property
1:21 Market watch
2:52 Staking in a bank
3:31 ISO 20022

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  1. Their handicapped Ans ruined Bitcoin in 2017 when they added SegWit and later Taproot. BSV is the original Bitcoin protocol and it scales 50,000 + tps and is secure and traceable. Satoshi never said his poetical could be changed. If Bitcoin is to be a part of iso20022 or will be BSV the original protocol for Bitcoin. BTC will die a death be it slow or fast. Or does nothing and is crippled.

  2. I know it’s a long term hold & that we in bear market. I am also very confident in Cardano. But I hope ADA really explodes. So many other coins fly up in price while ADAs price movement is so boring. Just wish it would do what Solana did when this bear market is over.

    1. @justinater 993 true. We’ll see! I mean, I’m in it for the long haul. I just see all these other coins sky rocketing and it’s like damn if only Cardano would do that

    2. @BuffaloBuilder I wish that too, but think of the bright side you have time to accumulate more.

    3. @justinater 993 yep. With inflation right now, just think of this Ada at .51 that same as Ada was once .20.

      AND All these different coins that still cheap just give yourself a budget and number of coins to accumulate. Example – Budget is 10% of your annual income and DCA in Ada till your reach 10k coins.

      Then do the same of the next cheap coins like ONE, XDC, HBAR, ALGO,

      Also find a platform that your can stake these coins so they accumulate on its own.

      “Let the gold you buy make babys and those babies make more babies”

      See you on the other side of the moon.

    4. @Codey coder I agree 100 percent I have Cardano and Algorand. Do also have small amount of Ethereum staked not much.

  3. What happened to the Big XRP news u were going to share with us tonight at 9pm? I was looking forward to that all day today 🙁

  4. Bitcoin is not part of ISO20022… it’s just xdc running a wrapped version of btc “xbtc” over the XDC blockchain. The samething happened in El Salvador running a wrapped version of btc over the algorand blockchain because lightning network is crap.

  5. The price of bitcoin is growing gradually though its shocking to see on gateio exchange price signal traders still stay bullish.

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