SHOCKING Crypto Network CRASH + Burritos For Bitcoin 🌯

In your nightly wrap-up, we bring you the top stories. Chipotle accepts , the lights flicker again for Solana, and WAX blockchain raises $10 million dollars for their play to earn NFT endeavors!

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:15 Burritos?
1:33 Frankie Candles Market Watch
2:45 Solana Disruption
4:09 WAX's P2E Waves

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SHOCKING Crypto Network CRASH + Burritos For Bitcoin 🌯

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  1. Hope it crashes to zero so I can catch the dip I’m not messing out on the next Luna.. As a matter of fact what’s the next luna? Maybe Avax? Near?

    1. You can’t put Avax in the same conversation with Luna or Near. It’s doesn’t operate in the same way at all

    1. actually its about half, but they are real transactions…Solana tansactions are scrupulous at best since 80% of them are from internal consensus messages!

  2. How someone could use btc to buy food is crazy we literally laugh about the 10k btc pizza day.

  3. Now you see why ETH gas fees are so much. ETHEREUM is battle volume tested. Solana is the little kid on the block. FrankieCandles Consigliere Chart Boss. Wait till the XRP blast off and I’m visiting the BitBoy building with coffee and cannolis. Lol. JimmyVoid BronxBitcoinBulls.

  4. I remember in 2011 we all got excited because we could buy coffee with bitcoin. It’s incredible that with so much money and so much time, crypto has gone nowhere.

  5. The problem is now superimposed on one another. Bear market, constant failures and unfortunately all these little things affect my trading on Bitfinex. I hope that everything will get better soon.

  6. It seems to me that I am already ready for absolutely any outcome, especially even if I lose everything, it will not ruin me, because I invested only those usdt that I could afford to lose.

  7. CRO is so much better than Solana that the price comparison is laughable. Cro is undervalued big time

  8. Why people use SOL is beyond me. Haven’t done many other NFT platforms like Hedera. Cheaper & Faster, better service and strong community.

  9. ADA > SOL … no debating. SOL is ok at minting pretty pictures… ADA is changing the world with REAL world solutions on several continents in several areas of society.

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