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  1. Best thing to do in crypto is to pay attention to projects with excellent leadership, a strong developer community and not to listen to ***anyone*** who tells you what to do. Do your own research.

  2. DCA during a bear market is the BEST thing you can do with your hard earned money. Trust me, the gains you’ll see in the bullmarket will be worth it!! I have a side hustle strictly for DCA 👍

  3. I think you should “dollar cost save”. Put that money into a stable coin regularly each week/month and wait for a correction and buy the dip all in

    1. as long as the dip comes! the whole point is to start DCA to pick up at lower prices, and if the dip does not happen you still have gotten a good entry

    2. Which dip do you go all in? Which one is the bottom? DCA is best strategy in bear market. We don’t have crystal balls.

    3. I wish someone was peaching this back in January. I have never hears of dollar cost save. I am on a limited income and have been DCA’ing since the top in April 2021. If I don’t put in my $100 bi-weekly when i have it, it will not be there when I would like to invest it so i have just been DCA for 1.5 yrs. Again, wish someone proposed this strategy much eairler.

    1. There will be cbdc’s and btc as long as we outnumber them we win. Get everyone you know in to bitcoin and we will be unstoppable.

  4. My man came off the mountain like Moses with an epiphany ,,, mother nature said DCA 🤣🤣🤣 eureka!! The largest most effective and profitable DCA for me so far was off the luna crash. I had only like 15 luna at cost of $70 each and 10x that initial position , leaving me with a couple thousand ust ( free) and these luna2 ( free). All bought on spot and a few leveraged trades. 👍

  5. Would love to see a video on use cases for different coins. maybe 5 videos that each show the use cases of 10 of the top 50 coins

  6. I have not yet fully decided how I will act, especially with those usdt reserves that I did not have time to use.

  7. 25$ per week into BTC, 50$ per week into ETH, 25$ per week into alts (for me) maybe next year will look better financially and I can do more.

    1. Mate what will $25 dollars worth of buying btc do for you. That is the wrong move. Even at this BTC price, BTC would need to moon up to satastrophe for you to see decent profits. Forget eth, forget btc invest in smaller coins like xrp, qnt that will make you more profits for your budget. Unless you can buy a whole bitcoin now and hold until it reaches new ath thats the only true profit youll see. But 25 bucks is nothing. Dont waste your time. Dont fall the victim to HODL forever. Hodlers are only early btc investors. Everyone else got wiped out. Trust me I lost a ton of money on BTC. BTC is for the rich to be even more richer. You have no business buying $25 worth of btc

  8. Just a reminder Ben most people are strapped for cash,I completely agree DCA is essential during the bear market but even if all you can manage is $200 per month it’s worth doing, problem is that people with more money tend to forget those that have less,but in essence DCA every week month with what you can afford, ignore unwise advice like going into debt to fomo in,use your common sense only invest what you can afford, anyone tells you different than that is giving you bad advice.

  9. I believe in the asset not the Dalla these things will be tremendous in the future every wise person should know that.

  10. BTC goes to 10k it’s completely broken market structure regarding Elliot wave bottom is in everyone waiting for 10k will fomo in at 40k

  11. What happened to BTC to $100k that was your prediction for the end of 2021, then in April… XRP case is almost over get ready for moon then recently it was the ETHEREUM merge will be the BIGGEST thing to hit crypto EVER 😅 currently ETH is &1,350 🤡’s

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