Solana Came Back From The DEAD! (20X Coming?)

Is Solana coming back? Is this something that won't only shock the market but is it coming back alive? Let's look at what Solana could do in the next bull run.

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Solana Came Back From The DEAD! (20X Coming?)

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  1. I bought about 20k of Solana at 20 and 15k of ADA at 22cents
    The only other 3 I hold is BTC , ETH and AVAX that I bought back in 2020 and am green no matter what happens .
    If I get a 20x 😂 I’ll be happy but I’m thinking 5x
    ADA I think will 10x and touch ATH again.

  2. Josh… first off, no one loves a josh. For you to then try to flash an ape you don’t deserve isn’t a good look. But hey I’ll soak whatever news and content you have.

  3. I think Solana might go to 300-500billion mc if we have a full blown bullrun where total crypto marketcap goes to 9 trillion.

  4. It never came back from the dead. It was always alive. It’s the idiots who didn’t DCA and do their research who will miss out on the next ETH

  5. It’s sirseneca from the Tok, Josh.

    Yes. You were always shitting on Solana.

    For years I’ve screamed from the rooftops that gaming will be how blockchain gets to a billion users.

    It’s the blockchain gateway drug.

    And Solana is the only chain that could handle a game like Eve Online on chain.

    Firedancer will allow all the dreams we’ve had for blockchain.

    Render will peel faces when people try on the apple gogs and experience Presence. It will allow massive virtual worlds to be rendered without a 2k GPU heating up your room.

    And when all of you experience AI NPCs in gaming you will get that AI is far more then a chatbot. Render is also the Airbnb of GPUs.

    6am EST Thursday you get to watch gaming and online real time experiences take a quantum leap.

    Star Atlas and MetaGravity. Remember this.

    Think of a War Thunder match with 2000 players on a server.

    Think of a battle Royale with 500 players.

    Think bigger.

    Imagine what we can do in gaming or social gaming with 30,000 concurrent players per server.





  6. The amount of Time it will take to break ATH will freak people out. Screenshot this.

    It’s Nov, 2023

  7. 20x? Nah. Not even back to its ATH (I do have some, but telling the truth). This is just Breakpoint hype so it will pullback just like the last 2 Breakpoints and every other project event. Sell the news is as true for SOL like every other project. Chill your t*ts, bro

  8. if you want to scale out of solana if you made gains you should unstake a 10-20% to trade out now cause it takes a few days before you can cash out

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