STERN WARNING FOR ADA HOLDERS (Cardano Community Goes Rogue)

In this video, we will discuss the price of , , and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news.

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  1. Don’t worry BB. Some of us in the Ada community value you 🙂 Thanks for taking my tongue-in-cheek Twitter poll seriously 😄

    1. Title of the video should be I am Bitboy, hear me ramble…. 20 seconds of nothing about ADA Gang/ Cardano Community hashtag.

  2. ADA no longer has a gang, we’re too many, it’s an army now, and when we grow further it’s a nation.

  3. Honestly I used to watch your videos a lot but I had to cut back for 2 reasons. 1, you talk about your haters WAY too much. 2, your video titles are too hype and I feel like I wasted time bc the information is lacking for more than half the video.
    You’re entertaining and I appreciate you being blunt and accountable. I only post this for constructive criticism. Please keep making good content but hold off on videos like this.
    Ps. awesome how you kept going when house keeping came in.

  4. Did the best you could with the thinking you had 💪. I’m not a fan of being anyone’s victim…unless they forced me with an actual choke-hold to invest.

  5. This is a journey for “We The People” an we have to come together to change the world dynamic. There is enough for everyone. Let go of the way society trained your brain. We are together or let system continue run the show. It’s a choice. Separation and competition leads to weakness. Let’s get this 💕And BitBoy there are no mistakes, just lessons.🤙

  6. Don’t sweat it Ben, we love you regardless. You’re for the people and always give us your 100% honest opinion on projects.

    I think I can speak for the majority of the people from the bitsquad community that we are grateful for you.

  7. @BitBoy Crypto ~ I appreciated your interview with Charles. Actually, I watched both of them, and I’ve been following your channel for quite some time now. I’m not sure who you’re referencing regarding the comments, but I do not support anyone throwing shade at someone else. I do believe in Cardano, the development team, and its future. Honestly, I think you hit on it perfectly when you said its the real competitor to Ethereum. Keep doing what you do @BitBoy Crypto. I think people will always exists who have a sense of elitism or narcissism. The reality of it all is that we’re all here, in the cryptocurrency space, because we believe in the idea of decentralization. Whether you’re holding BTC, ETH, ADA, SOL, or any other applicable crypto, we’re all on the same team. Some members of the crypto community forget that. I watch you everyday, and I hold zero Bitcoin.

  8. BEN… you know you are going down the right path when everybody in your life or that you meet look at you as a ( SOLUTION )!!! O look there’s BITBOY HE CAN FIX IT!!! It just says alot about who you are and the way you move through life… Your living life in alignment with the UNIVERSE… And you have absolutely influenced me in my mind set and learning the ropes in the crypto space… Thanks for everything YOU TJ & THE BIT SQUADE DO … KEEP IT DOIN WHAT YOUR DOIN

  9. I won’t be making big financial mistakes in this new market because of the crypto knowledge being dropped on a daily basis. Thanks Bitboy. Let the hater’s hate.

  10. Cardano Gang supports you Ben. Some of the younger Cardano influencer/ambassador types have reallly big heads, and an overinflated idea of the reach and importance of their notions of what is “good” for the community. They do not speak for everyone. They will learn or become irrelevant.

  11. I’m a little confused. You are issuing a stern warning to ADA HODLERS because:
    1) changing the term the “ADA Gang” to the “Cardano Community”…
    2) a person in the ADA project is throwing shade at you…

    I am not rightly sure of how either of those things would warrant a stern warning to ADA HODLERS.

    Don’t sweat the static, Ben. People like that are jealous of your success and influence. There will always be people like that out there. Take it as a compliment! As much as they want it to affect you personally, don’t give them that power over you. Just keep on keeping on. All they want is your acknowledgement that they are f-ing with you. Don’t give them that. They don’t deserve it!

  12. I gotta be honest Ben, I was new to crypto and your videos always sounded like fud, so after every BTC pump I blamed you for having it wrong/for having doubts. Now, after dropping 50% in a month, I can see you were right all along and the short pumps were just a show. I might have lost money, but Sir you have gained my respect🙏
    Also, I notice you getting frustrated of late because of people trashing you or people you’re fond of. I gotta admit it can be a little funny at times, but I’m worried you take too much weight on your shoulders. Just because the people you show how to make money in crypto are losing money, doesn’t mean it’s your fault. You are a good man, and you’re doing the best you can to help others but you also tell them to spread their risk. That also means put money in housing, stocks, etc not just in crypto. Please keep doing the good work, but stay healthy😉

  13. There are a few of really influential Cardano Community entities that could have Holier than Thou mentality. I hear it when Im in the twitter spaces. But to be honest, most of them are cool and very accepting of new people coming in to the community. I think some feel the need to retaliate after Cardano and Charles being targets of trolls and haters in the crypto space all this time. I personally believe that Charles being on your show is a very good thing for Cardano (even for eventual Cardano Maximalists). Your show reaches a wider audience and could be a gateway for them to enter the Cardano Community for the first time. Thanks, my dude but please stop calling us ADA gang haha

  14. If Bitcoin drops to around $13k, what do you all think ADA might go down to? I’ve been buying between .45 and .55 and have a feeling it will drop a bit more but this is my first crypto bear market

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