In this video, we will discuss the price of , Ethereum, and the top . We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto .

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  1. To add to Bill’s agenda, Microsoft’s 343 studios labeled a microtransaction “Bonobo” on Juneteenth 🙈

  2. Love how they call candles the “chart master” yet all he says is iT might go up…but could go down….🤣🙄

  3. Wow. So when u look at the people in charge of tether you have ultimate confidence?!?!? Def shows me the nativity in this market. I guess I had to personally go thru 99/00 and 07 to understand but I would put everything I own that tether does not have matching assets…they get a real audit and prove me wrong. I hope they do. But my guess is they never get the audit and this is just more kicking the can. They could have done it and the only reason not to us they needed to hide something.

  4. Are you really a wholecoiner when you buy a few satoshis here and a few more there? Don’t you really just have satoshis from various different bitcoin? Are you a wholecoiner just because all your satoshis add up to the current price of Bitcoin? Don’t you have to buy a whole Bitcoin all at once to be a true wholecoiner?

  5. I think the content selection is lacking today. I’d like content that helps me buy, and invest.

  6. ADA STAKING PAGE NOT FOUND!!! I would like to stake my ADA but the link has been broken for several days!! How do i contact someone about this?

  7. JUP being listed on Coinbase. Layer 1, DAPPs coming, Metaverse, Java SDK easy adoption, 1 billion max supply almost all out, working on military contract for Metis, less then 10m market cap.

  8. I want to see a video of your bad bag calls… Like your call on icp vs tellor… Just for fun

  9. I have decided not to sell at the moment, but I do not plan to buy either, I will just continue to hold my cryptocurrency and continue to buy LEO tokens little by little.

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