Sudden Drop in Bitcoin Whales Has Investors Nervous (HUGE Ethereum Upgrade Postponed)

Today will be discussing BTC whales dumping $400 million over the span of 4 days, and what that could mean for the broader . Next, we'll look at the that Ethereum Devs announced ETH 2.0 has been pushed back to possibly Q3, and lastly, we'll talk about the Cowboys inking a sponsorship deal with

Around the Blockchain is your favorite show discussing , Ethereum, Cardano, and the top . Our four crypto experts include CryptoKeeper, CryptoJebb, MacNCheeasy, and Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful !

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Wendy O:

Altcoin Daily:

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Sudden Drop in Whales Has Investors Nervous (HUGE Ethereum Upgrade Postponed)

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    1. @Sir sweet and sour chicken balls An Educated guess is that if it were to fall because I’m not sure it will, it would go as low as 30,000$.

  1. Michael Saylor just tweeted “#Bitcoin on #Lightning is digital money for the world”… he also agrees using BTC/LN rails to send fiat is the future. This was so hard for Ben and BitBoy Crypto team to process and deliver informative content to the community… instead saying things like “that’s stupid, who’s gonna wanna spend their Bitcoin on a cup of coffee”.

    1. I love Michael Saylor but at the conference he said dont sell you BTC, and now hes tweeting about how you can sell you btc on lightning??

  2. I’m in love with Wendy O! I’m sorry, this is about crypto… my bad, lol. But seriously, she is awesome!

  3. Please limit altcoin daily. Way too much of them. Least knowledgeable crypto youtubers. Anyone that followed their shills got destroyed last year. No it wasn’t me. They suck

  4. 16:00 all the sudden the “move fast break things” approach is not appropriate, but when it came to Cardano, it wasn’t. Lmao 🤡

  5. ‘Scuse me y’all while I get my poops in a group here; I’m stealing this 🤣🤣🤣 I offer you in compensation:

  6. get serious guys…….. the change for ETH from POW to POS has stumped the developers….. near 7 years now… considering how much things change in technology in 7 years this is a glaring ETH FAIL . IMO they may never get it right.

  7. The funny thing is no one really knows where bitcoin is going, it is a risk of probabilities, how close is the prediction if we go up everything everybody is saying just makes them less credible.

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