GameStop unveils its new crypto wallet for sending and receiving in-game items and NFTs; Fantom jumps twelve percent on Fantome stablecoin development and speculation surrounding Andre Cronje returning to DeFi; and SWIFT experiments with CBDC interoperability.

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0:28 Gamestop
1:04 Is Andre Cronje Returning to De-Fi?
3:03 Market Watch w/ Frankie Candles
4:05 SWIFT and CBDCs



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  1. I’ve always said on here since December 2020’ that the lawsuit would be settled in the 4th financial quarter Sept 2022… the reason for this it’s all a show, the impact on the monopoly SWIFT’ global payment rail can’t fail and has to be online with Ripple XRP and all the training and implementation of the XRP solution will coincide with settlement….. SWIFT has been working covertly with Ripple’ since Nov’ 2021 to get this done as it’s significantly important that ALL the BANKS globally need this cross over to be executed properly and exactly so the propagation of the brilliant Ripple cross boarder payments system can be used!!!

    1. SWIFT is NOT working with Ripple. In fact they are trying to overtake Ripple. They have created their own instant system called SWIFT Go that moves money anywhere instantly. While most would think this is some sort of competition, Ripple has already said it’s more of a “Complementary” than it is “Competition”. So, yeah, you’re wrong.

    2. @Michael Allen SWIFT and Ripple/XRP will compliment each other. One is not replacing the other, but will work together. Other ISO 202022 coins will have utility also such as algorand, Xlm, xdc, and quant.

    3. Ripple will throw the XRPArmy under the bus for a $. Still have to hold til 2025 to see flick of switch effect.

    1. Swift would compete with ripple net odl. They are both just messaging parts. Which is different then XRP. Swift like visa, western union etc will use the XRP ledger as an underlying protocol to do the physical transaction of value. Swift is positioning to be one of the first to implement it when regulation is done.

  2. I didn’t realize swift was so innovative. Oh, wait, they are using XRP. That explains it.

    1. @Tz a swift executive said in an interview a few days ago that XRP is being used with swift. You seriously should do a little research before you speak. I didn’t see anyone from etherum at Davos. Did you see any executives from any crypto companies at Davos? I know one or two were there. I forget which companies, though. What do you think?

    2. @Unavailable Nowhere in that reply could anyone comprehend anything you just wrote. In fact, we’re all a bit dumber for trying to read it.

  3. U didn’t mention Brad Garlinghouse is literally a board member of the World Economic Forum, ir that Swift is partnered with Cap Gemini that works with Stellar? … I’d rather invest in the network, than what it carries

  4. How do you connect Bitcoin to Swift, missed that…oh wait, thumbnail should have said XRP…. Ok..got it, now it makes sense

  5. SWIFT and BTC adoption lol! How about telling the people Swift will leverage the XRP ledger for cross boarder payments. Why not keep it real?!

    1. He probably didn’t even know, & he claims to be the supreme commander of the XRP army 🙄

  6. with such news i won’t be surprised to see BTC plunge and burst of tether allegations in media

  7. XRP and Swift will be involved. XRP isn’t doing that take over it will compliment Swift. I know I ain’t telling something you don’t know. BitBoy has the Knows💰 Just saying XRPwillOpenTheFloodGatesOnThisBullRun 😂 Gotta love it. JimmyVoid BronxBitcoinBulls

  8. Oh, but I thought XRP was going to rule the world as far as cross-border payments 😂 bye-bye XRP

  9. To those who’s reading this, God bless you, and may your dreams come true, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

  10. Is this good or bad for XRP? How will SWIFT’s CBDCs impact XRPs price— isn’t cross border payments what Ripples purpose is?

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