In your nightly , we bring you the . The internet enters conspiracy mode as LUNA goes into freefall below a dollar. claims that they aren’t going anywhere, but can they actually survive this? Next, April’s CPI puts up a 40-year all-time high. What can we expect in May? Finally, the SEC’s chair, dirty Gary Gensler, accuses exchanges of trading against their users.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:22 Janet Yellen on LUNA
0:48 LUNA Price Plummets
2:06 Frankie Candles Market Watch
3:27 April's CPI
4:26 Gary Gensler

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  1. I think people should get together and pull off a game stop situation and liquidate those wall street shorts!

    1. @GROVEGUY Luna’s downfall could be a blessing in disguise. Hopefully all the other blue chip alts took note and will make extra efforts to not be exploited as well.

  2. Thanks for update. Can’t wait for the video you guys are putting together for Saturday.

  3. If XRP can survive Luna will be back.. long and strong ..People are going to wish they had
    bought now …

    1. @Mighty Mask if you enjoy throwing pocket change around I could do with a few grand for a new swimming pool for my dogo

    2. @Alexander Howcroft jaja nice doge. You should buy some luna.,even $50 if it ever reaches ath in a year or two 😎 there is nothing to lose!

  4. Yeah but [Who did it] is a big variable here. Who’s the flash-crasher? We’ve seen this happen to micro caps. Pancake Bunny was one example about a year ago. Looks like a similar crime on a way more massive scale. Wasn’t me. Probably wasn’t you. Then who?

  5. Question: Does it sound like Yellen’s speech prep’d before the crime was committed? 🧐 UST depeg is still being investigating. Smh… shame shame shame

  6. would you look into lockpay, first genuine anti dumping adm and it works look at poocoin are charts are healthy and growing. the reason its impossible for it to be dumped is because any holder can only sell 1%-5% a day depending on the market. i would very much appreciate this. because this is truly revolutionary the fact bitcoin can crash and it has no affect on us. and im sure were going to see many copy cats of this mechanism

  7. When it comes to trading platforms they have liquidity providers that absolutely are set against the customers. And they can stay IRRATIONAL much longer than we can remain solvent.

    1. @Jon iscool next halving cycle will be no different, buy, forget wake up rich in 3 years time

    2. They have just said that they will burn UST and then will burn billions of LUNA also. It’ll go back to $2-3 within the next 8 hours

  8. I’m sorry for all tears a Luna 😢 people. make sure before buy it’s peer reviewed and tried before getting into crypto .

  9. People still miss the point of crypto and BTC its not about how much fiat its worth , regardless of price it can still be used, traded ,given etc its the use case of BTC THATS Important.

  10. I dropped a couple hundred in Luna at 50 cents last night thinking it couldn’t go down much further 🤦‍♂️

  11. I swear Ben said the same last year about a shady exchange or two that shorted squeezed people out to make some big money. I could be wrong and dirty Gary is a snake but I’m not so sure his latest statement is a lie.

  12. Everyone’s gotta realise that the price has been this low years ago before it pumped… just because it’s at this price after all time highs doesn’t mean it can’t hit high prices again 😂 not saying it will but bare people are just saying it can’t go up cause it’s so low. Look at how much bitcoins gone up before

  13. Whilst here in the UK the government will introduce legislation to allow stablecoins to be used as a legitimate means of payment. Nothing harsh!

  14. I want to invest in bitcoins, I have been watching videos about the topic for almost a month, but I struggle to understand what is happening😢😭

  15. They have just said that they will burn UST and then will burn billions of LUNA also. It’ll go back to $2-3 within the next 8 hours

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