Thanks, Celsius

Is anyone looking at their portfolio? We're fine. Everything is fine.

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Thanks, Celsius

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    1. @afham Mk yeah those with anchor down six figures. I’ll never leave another dollar on exchange again expensive mistake. Voyager is the only thing not dead 100% yet most is on there

    2. I hope you take it has a lesson for the next bull run to DYOR and don’t listen to any youtuber, even the ones that are credible or any big influencers who goes on Twitter and hype coins. We all make mistakes and must learned from it 🤠

    3. @Cookies You can’t be calling people dumb, A lot of people are new in this space and this is a good opportunity for them to learn, unless you are Mr or Mrs perfect in which, I strongly doubt😉!

    1. That’s exactly what I looks like I left Robinhood and they have all the coins that I might potentially lose from voyager

  1. More like fawk you Alex. He scammed me out of my life savings. I’m wrecked and have nothing but numbness

    1. You haven’t lost it yet. Hang tough until we know more. the FUDDERS will FUD. I want facts and announcements from the company, not “people close to the situation” wtf is that good for? Chill and plan for the worst but pray for the best.

    2. They’ve been paying down their loans regularly, 15 million today alone. That’s not what you do when you’re going the bankruptcy route.

  2. Would be Nice to hear what Coinbase and the Other Big Exchanges have to say about this … and to hear about their well-being .

    1. Digital currency group pulled out of coinbase just like they did voyager tread lightly with coinbase

  3. I got hacked ….😭😭 when you’ve been thru everything in crypto…🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. Crypto unfortunately will not recover until 90% of these altcoins die. Eth 2.0 constant delays are not helping things either.

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