The BIGGEST Coverup In The Entire World (How Banks Launder Money And Get Away With It)

The government is out to get and bring the entire industry to its knees. Part of the plan to do that is paint all of as a Legion of Doom, harboring criminals and scammers that run amok and steal from your grandmother. But is crypto really a haven for money laundering, crime and dark web activity? Or are politicians and the media using it as a convenient scapegoat to distract from the real culprits?

We're gonna bust some FUD today on Bitboy Crypto and find out who’s really financing crime around the globe.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:38 Money Laundering Crash Course
3:31 Credit Suisse
4:22 UBS
5:15 HSBC
7:11 Goldman Sachs
8:02 Wells Fargo
8:53 Conclusion

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The BIGGEST Coverup In The Entire World (How Banks Launder Money And Get Away With It)

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  1. THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO BE SENT TO ALL HOUSE REPS, SENATORS, GOVERNORS AND GARY GENSLER with the message, we’re coming for you Gary!!!!!

    1. Better link them to a specific responsible person, not to an official anonymous email. Then no one can say they had overseen it

    2. History in the making. Banks do and get away people get jailed for what banks have been doing for over a century and it’s gonna stop because of crypto. Can’t kill crypto it’s gods retaliation for us humans let’s go xrp,and Elon musk.all the bullshit they say is what they do.

  2. Ben, I just found out my bank was allowing the corporation I was working for to park (hid) millions of dollars in my account under my name. Then they were moving the money elsewhere a day latter. The funny thing is our jobs are making direct deposits for your pay mandatory. They are all corrupt.

    1. Close the acct and blow the whistle on that before you go under the bus for it. why use your acct?? so they don’t go to jail. they make it appear you were embezzling. we’ll make a 3-part series out of it… 😄

    2. How could that be millions of dollars in your account even if it was there for an hour do you know how much interest that would generate that would leave a trail

  3. Don’t forget, the drive to scare retail out of crypto while they continue to build on it hasn’t gone away, it just takes on new manifestations. this latest drama is simply their latest opportunity. a crisis won’t go to waste. 🙄

  4. Money laundering shouldn’t even be a thing. The constitution prohibits income tax, you should be able to do whatever you want with your money without the government knowing or caring what your doing. So Sad what these horrible leaders have done to this once great nation,

  5. Nice job! I hope that when the govt tries to push CBDC onto the people, that we push back and force the govt to have public ledgers of all funds, so we can see where all the tax dollars and political funding are coming and going. Maybe we will end up with no changes to the system. They have more to lose than we do, when it comes to privacy.

  6. REMBER!!! Those banks were much smaller back in the day, and also community based! Honestly, a couple on this list took a chance and helped out our young Military family get our first credit cards without having to Pre-Pay $1,000. Back then, credit cards were for EMERGENCIES ONLY. You honestly have to ask what happened since then 🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. Laundering is the highest margin most profitable part of banking. Without laundering, consumer banking would be much more expensive.

  8. Please talk about the negative influence and market control factors done by hedge funds. They should be outlawed. Good job on this video.

  9. Imagine how much money the governments would make/save if it forced all payments in crypto.
    Everything had to be paid for on the chain .
    The tax office would never lose another penny
    Illegal immigration would never work
    The list is endless .I’ve not said it’s a good thing – I am
    Sure it has its pros and cons .

  10. Very good Ben,although very depressing because it’s never going to change. Also why would they want the transparency of block chain. So you can see why they’re fighting against it

  11. Stability, usecase, utility. These are factors which should transform you into a buyer and not the idea of whatever it’s gonna work. This sounds simple but apprently still too difficult to most. My idea is Amazons AMA1000X, they provide all these values and more.

  12. Now that FTX is gone for good I would not give up on all cryptos yet. And I’m not alone seems like even Amazon is now into it they made AMA1000X if you don’t know yet

  13. Informative videos like this is what we need Ben, keep the good content coming because it’s necessary 👌

  14. World needs transparency and accountability.. blockchain technology and an equal level justice system.. not one for rich and one for everyone else.

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