The Fed Hates Crypto! (Scary Future for USA)

In tonight's crypto news wrap-up, J-Chains of @Meta Money takes a look at the current landscape of crypto, including the Fed's latest stance on crypto, CBDC's, and stable coins, as well as the potential 1984-like future in may bring about.

0:00 Intro
0:42 Powell's Stand on CBDCs
3:22 Frankie Candles
4:45 Orwellian Nightmare?

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The Fed Hates Crypto! (Scary Future for USA)

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  1. @1:30 I can’t believe he really said that lol you really think if the government could track every taxable transaction they wouldn’t do it? 😂

  2. The fed don’t like the idea of financial freedom for the people. At this juncture, we need the smaller DeFi projects to step up. The established ones have already done well in taking the good-news about DeFi this far. Now it’s time for others like TakePile Protocol to step up and offer more decentralised methods to improve our financial well-being.

  3. Everyone will hopefully figure this out soon…They want you poor.. Slaves can’t fight back, when they are desperate and hungry…

  4. Who’s this Guy? Ben’s twin? Crypto is dead until this administration is gone. Meanwhile I’m HODLing.

  5. Everyone needs to stop acting like a bunch of cowards and finally make a bold stand. Enough is enough

  6. Fun Fact the Fed Coin will allow the IRS to see all your transaction in real time you will also be able to pay your taxes in real time and possibly get a discount on your yearly taxes

    1. True from a tax perspective it eliminates all the what-if surrounding our taxes they are finished when the year ends.

    2. With all due respect if you think anything about this will; benefit the people, you’re painfully naive. NOTHING these people do is for our benefit. They can already do all of what you’re saying this will allow them to do, IF they wanted to do it, which they don’t.

  7. No pity for investors who invest in any VC project. Shame on any influencer who doesn’t make clear the fact that VC’s and central control are among the things crypto was invented to eliminate.

  8. we don’t need regulations. #1 rule in crypto is to use risk capital. #2 do your own research #3 not your keys, not your crypto. regulations will only allow central authorities and people in power to benefit. Bitboy didn’t need regulations to get rich in crypto, neither do we…

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