The Markets Have Changed

In this Interview, Raoul Pal explains that there are new players in the space – HUGE players. There is no reason to think will see an 80% drop because there are too many institutional investors. Raoul explains why change the markets COMPLETELY.

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  1. Don’t fool yourselves. This is a Macro environment. The stock indexes are falling and they will continue to fall bringing crypto with them. Patience is key right now as well as cash.

    1. Exactly. I’d ask him what happened to AMZN when it dumped years ago… did the big players stop it ? Big players are all over the NASDAQ… I don’t see them stopping the drop

  2. The question is, which L1s are VCs are going to cut their losses on and which are going to keep being supported…

  3. Ok. Still better to be careful and respect historic halvings of BTC. Next halving is what March 2024. U also have a overextended stock market thats been on steroids since 2011 and the Russia/Ukrain war. We are now going into historicly bad mounths for booth BTC and stock market Maj, Jun, Juli and what half through August.

    Never invest more then u can allow to go to 0 is my advice.

    1. All what you said AND the coming food crisis from the broken food supply chain… are we supposed to think the worst time incoming for world famine since WW2 won’t impact crypto dropping…

    2. @Alejandro actually dident even concider this but yes. Food prices has already gone upp here in Sweden steadly each year. This ontof of lower salary increases, higher rent, more expensive gas and electricity. It does not look good at all Atm tbh.

      In order for crypto to actually recover people actually need surplus money to spend. And if they dont have that, well then what?

    3. @Fredrik Hansen exactly. Here in America, the food crisis is self imposed. We had 20+ food distribution centers catch fire and planes crashed into another 2 food factories. They also killed 5 million chickens last week for a total of 48 million chickens. I’m worried about how I will eat around July or August

  4. Did big players stop Netflix or Disney from dumping…. or what about AMZN back in the day… 🤔

  5. rates are up at a huge 25 bps overnight. i wanna see what BTC is doing when rates are at 10% – you know a real number

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