The Poor Will Stay Poor Because Of This

In the 2008 recession, large corporations – who were responsible for it – got governmental bailouts while the lower and middle class paid the price. Could we see this happening again?

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The Poor Will Stay Poor Because Of This

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    1. Bought the top huh ? Crypto has been in a “bear” market for awhile now. Just hold on and you should recover with CRO but I wouldn’t follow any YouTubers for your investment advice.

    2. I hold CRO and have no doubts. This is actually the perfect time to lower your average. Gotta hold on and stack your bags through the bear markets to come out golden on the other side. Only been in crypto a year but this what I’ve been waiting on. Hopefully we stay bear for a year so I can stack my bags with top 50 projects

  1. I’m glad to see you’ve stopped your predictions Ben, because the amount of people that will be poor for next 2 years, I dread to think, the great crypto depression, its only a bit of fun right

    1. Big risk start with something new you don’t need to invest big money and if it loses couple zeros booooooooooooom see these people won’t tell you this I had to learn this myself 🤙

  2. This will not be happening once the crypto mass adoption kicks as too baig to fail will also holds true here.

  3. I see 2 spheres of power pulling against each other. The WEF/great reset vs. cryptocurrency. One will be extinguished because of the other

    1. I hope cryptocurrency prevails. I think this great reset thing is nonsense, there has not been or ever will be a reset, before, during or after, even due to covid. It appears that the covid caused a huge bump in the road (along with russia/Ukraine situation now)and the after effects is we are all getting bent over financially. All this has created is about 5 years of price hikes brought forward and rolled into 1 year and that is just so far. I’m sure a reset is when something is put back to zero or default position

  4. The poor will stay poor because they don’t save , scared to invest, and blow money on things they don’t need .

    1. @David Banning Agree. Although even if most were educated I think they would take no notice, that is my experience with people around me. I’ve tried and been laughed at,shame really.

  5. Correct analysis but wrong conclusion on the problem. It’s not regulation. It’s the fact that we have legalized bribery through campaign contributions and dark money and politicians never have the interest of their voters in mind. They have the issues and concerns of their donors first and foremost.

  6. Lol This isnt 2008 Benjamin with 15% unemployment and bank bailouts? Everyones employed and banks flush with cash. Only prices are out of wack so we are cooling down. But, I thought you told us inflation was good for crypto? 🤔

  7. Yes, you have a point. But if those companies weren’t bailed out, the recession would have been much bigger. Which would have meant even bigger job losses. Which would have meant much more pain for the poor and low income families. So it’s more complicated than what you say. Same with the pandemic. If the government didn’t step in with COVID support, unemployment would literally have been 90%.

    1. Interesting logic, so you would save big money every time, even if they directly cause this problem over and over again and by doing so keep poor people kind of not completely poor? That’s really humane of you.

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