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* Crypto Capital Endeavor does not guarantee or make any representations or claims to any specific quantity of staking rewards that you will earn through entrusting your Cardano. Any return that the protocol pays out to you is decided by the protocol. You are not investing your Cardano with Crypto Capital Venture. Delegating to a Crypto Capital Endeavor stake pool does not include moving or legally designating the Cardano or the rights thereof. Crypto Capital Venture simply functions as a validator and provides neighborhood members a method to entrust to the Cardano Protocol consensus mechanism. All staking portion rates and all guidelines and criteria are decided by the Cardano protocol.

* The above video references an opinion and is for /information and home entertainment purposes only. It is not meant to be financial investment guidance, financial guidance, or any solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer that you buy or sell any or securities. in cryptocurrencies and securities is a high risk activity including danger of loss so please seek a duly licensed professional for investment or monetary guidance. The information offered on this video should not be utilized to make any financial investment or monetary decisions without consulting your financial or investment advisor. This video includes my opinion only and is not meant to trigger damage or disparage anybody or any entity.

Crypto Capital Endeavor is big on tracking market in specific. The general facility of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although cost rate moves really in a very volatile method, there is much opportunity in being gotten ready for upside and disadvantage. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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  1. If bitcoin could return to the 26-28K short term before the vasil main net we could see at best 0.7-0.75cents in the short term before further downside. I would be hoping to sell cardano at that range and buy back around the 0.30 cents range to increase my holdings.

    1. stop pretending you know what’s going to happen haha why the hell would it go to 30 cents at this point

    2. @David B. A chart and TA doesn’t matter in this market anymore because of rate hikes and inflation etc… TA nowadays been wrong more then twice a day, even a broken watch is right twice a day! 😂

    3. @arm consulting maybe go back to school and learn how to use common sense and the ability to tell the difference between facts and opinions.

  2. Serious question , doesn’t it depend on BTC , ADA just seems to follow BTC . Could ADA breakout without BTC doing it first

    1. @agh what does that mean? I’ve asked this question about 50 times over the years and no one has ever been able to answer it or explain it in a way I understand

  3. On my chart, ADA has already broken the downtrend channel line on the daily in the last day or two, and will potentially break it on the weekly next week… But Im not using a log scale, just a regular linear one.

  4. Michael Sailor said Cardano ADA is a security coin!
    We might be in trouble with the SEC be careful guys!!!!

    1. This is why Charles went to congress so that SEC doesn’t take control of crypto regulation. Don’t worry Charles saw all this miles ahead the man knows his ish

  5. Inflation is still high, were not even sure if its peaked yet & were on the verge of an “official” recession so i find it hard to believe we will see big price action over the next year or so apart from tiny runs followed by equal pullbacks. Im not buyin until it hit 20c or so but im expecting a 10c cardano if an official recession is announced.🤷‍♂️

  6. just bought more ADA, very undervalued and $2+ coming very soon. Big announcements coming July-Sep 2022

    1. I wish but I can’t see a $2 this year at the current rate. All depends on the rest of the market and what happens when vasil hard fork drops.

  7. Dan, I’ve acquired all these drip tokens thru the Drip dropz. Staking a grip on yoroi . How do we eventually sell those tokens, i see them in my transaction on Yoroi wallet. How dies it work if I want to sell them off?

  8. Thank you sir!! Dan, where can I store my Pbx for the meantime just to get it off kucoin? Ledger does not support it

  9. Nah, I swapped my cardano for usdt a while ago and don’t feel like coming back. Bought btc at the last dip instead

  10. Nothing is happening. Ada has no hope of breakout and will follow btc like a little lost puppy.

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