This Solana Layer 2 Is CRUSHING IT! (1200% GAINS Must Watch)

People have been waiting for Apple to partner with a Coin, and it appears they have made their choice! They have selected a Layer 2 on Solana

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This Solana Layer 2 Is CRUSHING IT! (1200% GAINS Must Watch)

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  1. If all the tasks are done on gpu, this network could easily be used for a decentralised hacking/cracking super computer with some clever coding. I wonder how much the US GOV are holding 😀

  2. If ur buying rndr now have fun you should of made this video when render was under $1. This video is not alpha. Already x4+ from bottom 😅

    1. @DiscoverCrypto_  I mean u should of covered render at .50 thats wheb I loaded up. Render is going to be a staple aswell as altura for gaming. And liquidlayer will go nuts come the bull run

  3. Cardano has been the most honest chain… BTC and ADA is the only coins for me…. everything else is just to risky for me.

  4. The BME will start soon which will cause $330k tokens to be burned each month which equates to $3.9Mill tokens burned each year & also Binance Japan listing coming soon which they only have 47 tokens overall oh & don’t forget Apple will be using Render on all their laptops & tablets & Vision Pro which drops in 3 months….i’m so bullish on this project!!!

  5. Thanks bud for keeping us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still make over $19,000 every single week

  6. Render is not a layer 2 it’s a “Depin” built that migrated on the Solana chain because Solana can scale..Layer 2’s are only built for ETH since it cant scale in order to solve high gas fees…Cmon man do your research😴🧐👎

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