Top 3 Reasons Bitcoin Already Bottomed! (Binance Teams Up With Elon)

Here are some top reasons we think bitcoin already bottomed out. We'll also will be discussing Binance, the potential Bitcoin bottom and some Q&A from the chat.


(Coming 1/2/2023)

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, , , and the top altcoins.


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Top 3 Reasons Bitcoin Already Bottomed! (Binance Teams Up With Elon)

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  1. ‘Show me the charts, and we’ll tell you the news’ 🧜🏼‍♂️ 🐬

    2023 Litecoin mining reward halving closer by the day⏳

    2015 and 2019 halvings saw big price rises for Litecoin, then Bitcoin. ‘Front running’ could accelerate 🏃🏿‍♂️ the process

  2. You guys just want to put on a SHOW!!! Look at me!! I’m so great!! I come for the content. Put markers on the timeline so I can listen to what I want to hear. I came for the 3 REASONs. You teased me in and just ran off at the mouth. Knock it off.

    1. this podcast is very bad. If you follow CrptosRUs you get all you need. This is like u watch a sitcom. all about emotions and stuff. Kids. Not tu mention their predictions are wrong, you can see that if you check history.

    2. @First Last Everyone has wrong predictions, idiot. You show me one person in any investment field that hasn’t been wrong with predictions.

    3. @First Last Point? You sold on coin at the top, that means you make every prediction correctly? 😂 Now we all know who the real joke is. I sold Shiba at very top also. Made a killing. So what? Now I’m a guru, who gets all predictions right?

    1. @Douglas Gotterba lol. Id be pretty pissed if that is all i put into it. Only put in $300. So did alright. Wish i put all i had into it. Yeah just never know. Im mostly into DOME. Which i think will blast off. Im heavy into DOME, GAMMA, KAPPA, BETA and RHO.

  3. Bitcoin hasn’t bottomed yet. Feds will continue to raise interest rates –> unemployment will go up –> people will take more money out of the stock market (and Bitcoin) for livelihood –> stock market will bottom prior to peak unemployment. In 2023.

    1. Disagree. If you’re invested now you’re not pulling out. You adjust your finances. We all already know what the possible future. Is so people adjust money accordingly. You don’t pull out investments you cut back on spending and pay down debt. Unless you’re stupid

  4. hey Deezy, perhaps you can let ppl talk after you ask a question without talking over them? hard to hear what they are saying when you are always trying to make a joke.

  5. You should stop being on youtube after what you tried to do. “I’m sorry this went public” killed your career

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