Top Crypto Experts On Ethereum Merge! (DXY vs Bitcoin)

In this video, we will discuss the price of , , and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the markets and the latest crypto . –
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Top Crypto Experts On Ethereum Merge! (DXY vs Bitcoin)

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  1. Well then thing is if you sold at 9k and bought at 3k or even 4k, you doubled your BTC holdings in 2020. So people shouldn’t be so scared to hit that sell button if everything is going down in flames. HoDLing is not a bad tactic but it’s definitely not the most optimal tactic either. It’s definitely care free for sure if you’re just DCA’ing. I bought 4 ETH at 1k and Sold 2 at 2k, then when it failed to hold 1900 i sold the rest and now i’m buying back in at 1560’s. I’m up so much just for selling off when you see resistances fail. No quick moves, just a couple of big moves a few trades can send your bag to 2x 3x.

    1. Statistically speaking you make more money dca than bulk, hubris makes us think we can nail it… not an opinion, empirical evidence. Been a victim of it myself, so I definitely feel ya though ha

  2. Major news is the Ring of Pyro(Ring) a crypto is burning Shib in a beautiful partnership. I hope you can review this because it began yesterday. Ring is taking trillions of Shib out of the total supply you will see Shib supple go downwards everyday. Amazing crypto innovation for our space.

  3. guys I just checked the team of this project and found out that people working in ethereum founded this company. what do you think

  4. I will not sell when it is listed, I see 10 dollars at this rate, I bought it for 20 cents, I go through the money

  5. Bottom is in Double Bottom possible at $17,500 it’s all in the prior Cycles, and all about the Gaussian Channel!

  6. Good show today! I’m glad you and Arcane bear can disagree on stuff and get along. But I hate when y’all interrupt each other’s point to say you disagree! Like that time T.A. Tim got cut off by the guy over divergence.
    Just let them finish and THEN point out you disagree.
    Love ya bit squad! 🌙 📈🪙

  7. Bitcoin always has a lot of rivals, but it always comes out victorious. I trust Bitcoin the most, so I invest usdt in it at any convenient opportunity.

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