Top Expert Says “SELL ALL CRYPTO” (FTX Fall Out NOT OVER)

Today we will be discussing the fallout from a MASSIVE bankruptcy move from FTX, Alameda Research and many more firms connected to the investment empire, will be able to hold amidst the chaos!? Jim Cramer is calling for Crypto investors to run for the hills, has his day finally come?


(Coming 1/2/2023)

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing , Ethereum, Cardano, and the . Our four crypto experts , Gareth Soloway, AJ Writes Crypto, and . Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis.


Gareth Soloway:

AJ Writes Crypto:

Aj (@Ajwritescrypto) / Twitter


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Top Expert Says "SELL ALL CRYPTO" (FTX Fall Out NOT OVER)

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    1. Go Theta!!!

      Maybe that brings Mr Brady over the Mr Theta … the possibilities.
      Now if Theta Theta can be their house in order!

      It could be a spicy winter!

    1. Gareth’s chart was interesting … showing another 50% drop in “markets” after “Krazy Kramer” said to ‘Do not be silly!’

      Crazy times!

  1. The fallout will be nuclear. FTX is way worse than Luna. So many losses so far. We haven’t even heard the most of it let alone the least!

  2. I still have a bitcoin on BlockFi, this mean I’m going to lose it?? Already tried to move it but they did pause it. It’s not in the interest account anymore and has been in the wallet the last few months so I guess their wallet is crap also?

    1. You may only lose the BTC for a time… possibly a short time, maybe longer – months, yet — HOPEFULLY not years.

      They can track most of the BTC, LTC, though privacy features have been added. It is not Monero – not yet anyway.

    2. It’s a withdrawal pause while they go through bankruptcy proceedings. Unfortunately all my crypto on blockfi is locked in their too and I’m freaking out. Hoping we will eventually be able to pull it out. Worst part, 70% of my blockfi portfolio was stablecoins… 🙁

    1. Top exchanges have taken proactive steps with self-regulation n more transparency. That big step we needed n what this episode has forced them to do, which is a good thing.

    1. yes, that is likely, though Sam made many bad choices for himself and ALL his customers …

      Sam is and was inauthentic. Sam should and could have known better – at least on the math side, though I suppose that is what happens when you allow a Harvard Physics grad to “run with the numbers”….

      Crazy, AMMIRGHT???

  3. The SHIB is the what the USERS hold. They hold it because the users hold it. Sheesh 🙄 do your homework guys. Stop creating fear and spreading false rumors about CRO!

    1. @Gary Anderson yes sir, been on this path before and I remember the feeling of not buying being afraid…not this time

    2. @Michael VM The “boat” he is referring to is each time somebody tried to say don’t invest now it’s too late it’s not going to move up again.

  4. Amazing how this is so coordinated. Every shill is saying dump crypto and it’s a scam. What the reality is the bad players just got exposed and removed.

    1. Thats because these people didnt sell Bitcoin at 60K because they where at that time lying and saying over and over again that it was going to a 100K they failed and want a redo. They all talk out of both sides of there mouths. They want to shlt on coins like SHIB because its a threat to there Bitcoin bags i say f*ck there Bitcoin bags

  5. I’m not selling. In Australia our biggest petrol station/convenience store chain just added crypto to it’s payment options & other companies are following suit. Why do that after all this time if they don’t expect it to grow & be profitable.

  6. Despite the economic downturn, I’m happy ☺️. I have been earning $54,200 returns from my $10,000 investment every 7days

  7. So glad never got caught up in any of the bs with Celsius,voyager,FTX and blockfi. I’d like to say it was patience although it was probably more like crypto moves so fast and it’s hard to keep up. Anyways I like to express my condolences to those that have lost everything.. The old age saying if it’s to good to be true then it’s to good to be true. Take care out there…

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