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Some huge as Cardano experiences some testnet problems. There will likely be many headings concentrating on Cardano and with this development. But how bad is it and what does this mean for Cardano, , and the Vasil hardfork?

Intro 00:00
Adam Dean 00:50
Andrew Westberg 1:19
1.35.3 upgrade concern 2:10
The importance of Cardano testnet 4:10
Public/private collaboration for testing 7:45
Interaction to make Cardano better 8:45
A call to IOG …? 10:25
Cardano as secure and trusted … but not ideal 12:40
What is the path forward through this circumstance? 13:50
Enhanced process and neighborhood participation 14:40
Interacting to make Cardano much better 16:40
Can it be repaired? 20:00
How bad is it? 20:45
Significance of the designers on Cardano 23:00

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  1. I’m halfway thru but man. Huge fan of Dan listening and giving these two a space to talk under the hood for the ecosystem

  2. Sounds like Cardano Community needs to take a deep breath. Let’s move with ease through this and drop the pressure to compete. I am happy that communication and hopefully respect for all layers of testing will be improved.

  3. Sincere thank you 🙏 to the three of you and everyone else who has cardanos back. There are many of us who don’t have a clue that need you guys keeping the checks and balances. Again thank you 🙏

  4. This is super common in software development even for junior developers, you have at the very least dev – test- production environments and you move code from one to another when it’s ready. So basically they are doing their job well case they catch the bugs at the test phase. WE ARE NOT SOLANA catching bugs on production

    1. @Fabanwo it’s because a lot of Solana capital is centralized in Venture capital that wont sell at a loss. In cardano the holding is more decentralized

    2. They could do their job better. Yes test environment is good. But they need an acceptation environment on which the community can test based on a snapshot of mainnet before going into production (mainnet). This is lacking. For the CEO calling the GO to go live … I have no words that’s just malpractice. But this honestly starts with the test – acceptation – production environments. I’m truly shocked this is not part of the culture at IOG. They deserve criticism for this. This is not just lack of communication, it’s a poor methodology of setting up staging environments. I’m not a god-tier dev but in my job I always worked with test – accept – production. It prevents near catastrophes like we are seeing here. It should always be the community who greenlights to go to mainnet. NEVER the CEO. Acceptation stage enforces this methodology. Devs push to acceptation from test, community pushes to live (mainnet) from acceptation. Foolproof method. Not only foolproof, decentralized. Not some central CEO and central testing team who can ignore the community and ignore a red light.

  5. I love this interaction, it feels so different from any of the other upstarts that I’ve been paying attention to over the last several years. I know bias can play a part in one’s excitement or even disdain for a particular project but when objectivity plays a part to keep a level head, it’s just amazing to find something that doesn’t really leave one hanging and wondering. Kudos to everybody working hard on Cardano to hopefully make it the best!

  6. I am glad we have members like this keeping and I on things and bringing these problems out in the open Thanks

  7. Well done gentlemen! Really appreciate you all taking the time to discuss this and keep the community updated. This is the Cardano way!

  8. Yep 20 years in tech, and this is all part of how it goes down, so long as we come together in the end, all good. The community testers must be acknowledged and incorporated fully into all testing procedures.

  9. Love how candid and honest this is. Too many project communities sugar coat everything. Let’s continue to be real and do this right.

  10. I hope they listen to these guys and the community. I have seen this lack of testing drama unfold on many failed software projects.

  11. IOG needs to adapt staging environments: test (testnet for devs only) – acceptation (acceptnet for community testing based on a snapshot of mainnet) – production (mainnet). I can’t believe I’m having to explain this. IOG step up your game, you are losing face: this culture should be in place at IOG instead of cutting corners. This is common practice at almost every software house I ever worked for. If you have an acceptation environment the CEO can try to rush – it won’t matter, the community gives the green light to go to mainnet not a CEO who is hardly in touch with the reality on the floor. If IOG does not start an acceptation environment I’m literally out. If they keep pushing on with only test and mainnet, sooner or later a catastrophe will happen. Only a matter of time.

  12. Amazing livestream! Down to earth, no sugarcoating, hardcore realism. Thanks for the insights, my trust for the protocol has just increased by factors. 🙂

  13. These guys make absolute sense. I don’t care if a delay takes and additional year. Just do it right all of the time. Thanks guys and I hope IOG listen, or they will destroy the very foundation of Cardano and the trust of Investors.

  14. Thank you for arranging this call: one of the best sessions (from my perspective) in this channel. I believe that the dearth it added to our knowledge as a community even raises the level of trust in Cardano!

  15. Thank you all for coming up to address the situation and better help the community understand what’s been going on. 🙏🏼

  16. So grateful to have these gentlemen & many other Dev’s like them working on this project. It’s refreshing to see their personal integrity & standard of excellence on display in this interview. Their concern for the community & getting this exactly right is very much appreciated. Thanks also to you Dan for being a leader in this space for the the character & integrity that drives you. God Bless!

  17. To be fair, the SPO’s that jumped the gun have to take some responsibility in this incident. If they are taking their GO SIGNALs from a twitter feed, then the depolyment sign off procedure really need to be reviewed / redesigned.

  18. Great insight man. Trying to make sense of the crypto market structure can be pretty daunting for a complete noob investor. Regardless of the market disposition, what’s most attractive is the possibility of making portfolio changing returns. I was opportune to meet Stacy Huth and her exceptional knowledge of the market saved me from inherent losses and have so far earned me over 14 BTC in the last quarter. What a time to be alive indeed

    1. Like the analysts, I am positive about bitcoin. I am sure that now it will begin to develop very rapidly. It is still difficult to give an accurate forecast. But I prefer to trade my bitcoin and accumulate more.

    2. Now should be the best time to buy and trade on Bitcoin because currently the profits are good and going up to a standard rate in less than no time

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