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Starting on the weekly 1:05.
My opinion is that is one of the very best chances 5:30.
cost did exactly as we anticipated 6:00.

Cardano is among numerous cryptocurrencies, but I wish to discuss briefly the power of believing long term when evaluating the Cardano charts. We have actually been in comparable environments in years passed and is here when again.

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* Crypto Capital Venture does not guarantee or make any representations or claims to any specific quantity of staking benefits that you will earn through delegating your Cardano. Any return that the procedure disburses to you is decided by the protocol. You are not investing your Cardano with Crypto Capital Endeavor. Handing over to a Crypto Capital Venture stake swimming pool does not include moving or legally designating the Cardano or the rights thereof. Crypto Capital Endeavor just serves as a validator and offers community members a way to hand over to the Cardano Protocol agreement system. All staking portion rates and all guidelines and criteria are decided by the Cardano procedure.

* The above video referrals a viewpoint and is for news/information and home entertainment purposes just. It is not planned to be investment advice, financial recommendations, or any solicitation, recommendation, recommendation, or deal that you buy or sell any or securities. Trading in cryptocurrencies and securities is a high threat activity including danger of loss so please seek an appropriately certified professional for investment or monetary suggestions. The information offered on this video needs to not be used to make any financial investment or financial choices without consulting your financial or investment advisor. This video includes my opinion just and is not planned to cause harm or disparage anybody or any entity.

Crypto Capital Venture approves tracking bitcoin market in specific. The basic premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin rate price relocations very in a very unpredictable way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for advantage and disadvantage. We likewise cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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  1. Thanks for watching!

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    Intro 00:00
    Starting on the weekly 1:05
    My opinion is that Cardano is one of the best opportunities 5:30
    ADA price did exactly as we anticipated 6:00

  2. ADA has to get above the long term moving averages before it starts trending higher. Definitely have to watch closely .

  3. a 13% drop in price should not be described as consolidation. It is a drop. Price levelling out might be considered consolidation. Terminology should be accurate.

  4. What I’m waiting for is Interest rate rise and GDP results confirming we are in a recision in the coming days with a big correction to the downside, be patient this is a bull trap

  5. Loving these moves as well. Also loving the “denial of the bull” that I’m watching on the socials, which is a REQUIREMENT of a true bull reversal.

    1. We will head down hard after fed meeting. Next bull run will be after the next halving. That will be 2- 3 years.

  6. Love your videos man. Keep it up. Split the funds between algo and link. They’re not moving like other and when they spike?? God help us.

  7. I’ve loaded tens of thousands of Cardano in the .40 cent range. I’ll continue to add to Cardano in the .40 cent range. I have watched this market. I believe the FED, Inflation, interest rate have all been priced into the Crypto industry.

    1. @Crypto RavenPig Quite simple, if you are taking money from your kid’s piggy banks to buy food, “investing” in crypto is the last thing on your purchase list. The recession, specifically this winter, will be terrible. So terrible, we will tell our grandchildren stories about it.

    2. People going to be wishing they bought at these prices when they see we didn’t go as low as they thought. I hope we get a second bottom here

    3. @Jordy Worley Maybe, people also going to be wishing they didnt buy heavy at these prices if they drop another 50-70%.

    4. @Crypto RavenPig maybe, but would be good to get some skin in the game instead of missing out. I missed the bottom last bear market. Definitely not missing it this time.

  8. Hey Dan, great video as usual. I hold both link and Algo. From my opinion, link will far out pace Algo in both tech and operability. When they reset the Blockchain economy, link will be utilized in replacing the swift system

  9. I’ve been looking into Algo and I like what I’m seeing. I believe in Cardano because I believe in Charles Hoskinson. I am feeling the same for Silvio Micali. Still more studying to do though.

  10. Im a cardano holder and many others I know. since i started accumulating i lost over 50% value. Basically halfed my investment or less, but looking forward for the future

  11. I have a friend who says market cap is a major component in the movement of cryptos… and that it’s not possible for ada to grow and gain.. I’m not that savvy when it comes to crypto knowledge and was hoping someone could shed light on how market cap could hinder ADA’s growth?

    1. You’re 100% correct. ADA will only grow so much. It’s already huge with a giant market cap. Definitely look into other coins.

  12. Bottom from now to December for me…in this window there is a opportunity…
    Thank you Dan❤️

  13. Question for you Dan. Is ADA ISO 20022 compliant or on its way to being that? I have heard rumors to that effect and would appreciate confirmation. Thanks for all you do for the ADA Community!

  14. most cryto is already bullish trend but crdani is keeping on bearish track….. dont know whats happening on Ada…. it was a mistake when choosing cardano

  15. I love ADA and keep hodling in my tangem wallet but I cant really see it go up in value without everything else going up first.

  16. People dont get the point. The thing is not who famous people/corporate buys or sells crypto. It is what value does ADA give to the world. This is where growth potential is. I think Cardano is developing towards value given and that is why I love it.

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