Wall Street Is Backing Bitcoin! (Goldman Sachs FIRST EVER BTC Backed Loan!)

In your nightly , we bring you the top . In today's video, Deezy looks at the latest moves by skeptic Warren Buffett. There’s been an influx of institutional money into Bitcoin. Who’s buying the dip? We’ll throw it to Frankie Candles for our market watch. Finally, we take a look at how El Salvador is doing after adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender.


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Wall Street Is Backing Bitcoin! (Goldman Sachs FIRST EVER !)

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  1. Crypto is like the left lane on the highway. Feels a bit riskier, things move faster but the potential of reaching your desired destination is so much quicker.

  2. Tell ’em Deezy! Buffett is playing on uneducated consumers on the crypto space while he cashes in on it.

  3. Buffet missed out on crypto and if he buys now he will look like a clown that’s why he is staying away a

    1. you look like a clown for saying buffet would look like a clown… guy got more money in his ashtray in his car then you’ll have in 50 life times lol

    2. I never said he is a clown, don’t get it wrong I respect the man he keeps talking crap about crypto bro you do the math. He said “if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die”.

    3. @Esm yea you’re dogging these older men because they aren’t agreeing w you and bitcoin and you’re not seeing the big profits you’d like to see … focus on more positive stuff and other solutions instead instead. everyone thought there was not going to be any tax involved on this type of currency and wallah what happened now??

  4. Warren Buffet has holdings in Nubank, a Cryptocurrency Friendly bank. So he is not as Bearish on BTC as
    you might think.

  5. Buffets doing what goldman did last run, tell everyone it’s useless but buy as much as you can backdoor

  6. Buffett is just showing that he’s no longer able to move with the times. His diatribe about what to do with it, is nonsensical and could literally be applied to all fiat currencies and precious metals. They all hold value because we the people determine that they do.

  7. Love when Deezy is on. He definitely has the personality to make you want to tune in. Love the energy that you give.

  8. Why waste a breath on these fossils? Ever since my mom helped buffet pick out a pair of glasses in the 80s in Nebraska and told me all about him I knew he was a fool. He is only proof of time in the market = profit

  9. Best not to keep any more money in Banks than you can afford to lose’ ⏳ ⏰

    Digital passports, inflation and crises are a reminder of the urgency of moving into Bitcoin Litecoin and crypto.🏃🏽‍♀️

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