Today we will be discussing Wall Street betting on a $10K BTC! Will their bet payoff? Next we’ll looks at recent email updates put out by insolvent platforms Voyager & Vauld, and last we’ll talk about British Fintech company Revolut new partnership with Polkadot that focusing on education.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing , Ethereum, , and the . Our four crypto experts Forrest, Sin City Crypto, Gareth Soloway, & Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis.

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Sin City Crypto:
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Gareth Soloway:
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Ben Armstrong:
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  1. I buy ETH every time it drops 50% from my last purchase. Trading is hard core!!! Macro wave three will pay out massive…. 10,000% if we do not give up…..

  2. Y’all gotta look at influencers like trading ideas. That’s all they are. Take in the good 10%, from this one, throw out the rest. Add 10% from another one and maybe you’ll start to come to your own conclusions.

    I don’t think they are malicious, most even have good intentions. They are in the entertainment sector, not the make us money sector. The only upside to listening is that they are all monetarily incentivized to be right. The more they are right, the more people listen.

  3. May I call for it too? Cause I don’t think I lose anything unless I sell, which I won’t do in the nearest future. I’d rather spend more of my usdt stash on that cheap btc while I can

  4. Honestly Ben, I hardly ever watch your videos anymore, except the 5 min ones when you’re driving. The reason being I like videos straight to the point of the headline. ATBC is more like watching a TV episode. It’s has a ton a filler, with a lot of unnecessary conversation. Don’t get me wrong, it has plenty of good info too. But I have prob watched 3,000 youtube videos on crypto since I started last April. At this point, I’m trying to get in, retain the info for me to research later, and get out to move on to the next part of my busy day. Feed me the info, and let me go. I don’t want to hang out with you for an hour. While you prob give 2 shits about that, I just thought I would bring my perspective to your attention because most likely there are many others that feel that way especially if they have been in for a while. But when I do click on your video I do make sure to like every single one.

  5. Summary from video: consensus going to 12 to 13k. Could be a self fulfilling prophecy, as so many dont want to buy until BTC drops to that range.

  6. These guys are so far behind what’s happening in defi atm..wild APR’s are still possible and sustainable they haven’t even seen what the next generation defi can accomplish with very cleverly developed code.

  7. I made my first million investing in the stock market, Im 42 now, moving my profit from stock to real estate, I’m happy I could really go on retirement now

  8. I’m waiting for 15k and getting in. I feel if everyone is saying 10-13, it never happens. Plus It didn’t go up as much, so should it not go down as much too. Everyone was saying 100k 1year ago and it didn’t happen either.

  9. If we don’t go to 24-25k we might go to 15-16k and otherwise 12-13k or if not 29-30k, thanks wise men!

  10. after confirming my first payment from MAKE MONEY FROM HOME, i asked the telegram platform admin what is your reward for doing this because i am so amazed its my first time of earning from home and all he said was go out there and tell people about us that was his reward for the huge profit of 6000 USDT that is ridiculous

  11. The wall street journal cannot influence the cryptocurrency market, in a time like this projects like gateio are still bullish on the market showing that many potentials are still available.

  12. Don’t think we can go that low on BTC, alts might take more hit tho. I will buy more BTC and some more favourite alts like awc for staking on atomic wallet.

  13. Even if bitcoin drops to 10k, I’m not going to get upset. On the contrary, it will be a good opportunity for me to profitably buy this coin on Bitfinex.

  14. Rates are going up and quantitative easing will put us right back in the position in 5-8 years. The idea is to do away with stable coins so they can wipe you out every 5-8years. Higher rates will stabilize housing and autos. I lived through Carter and this will be tough love however we will be better for it in the long run

  15. Bitcoin is garbage but I know if it dropped to 10k, that would be an almost guaranteed double your money! $hitcoin has never dropped below it’s all time high. I don’t see it dropping but no one can “predict” anything.

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