WARNING: Bitcoin Regulation is Happening NOW + $1 BILLION Exit Deal With Twitter

In this video, we will discuss the price of , , and top altcoin. We'll look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news.

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WARNING: Bitcoin Regulation is Happening NOW + $1 BILLION Exit Deal With Twitter

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  1. It’s a bear market sign when your subscriber count has remained stagnant for the past few months

  2. People look for statements that reinforce their position. Those that know little about crypto tend to believe false or worse intentionality fake news about an asset class that would help them 🙄.

    1. Confirmation bias. 100% correct. When I search for videos regarding a particular asset, I watch “pros and Cons” to avoid falling into this pattern. For instance. If I’m looking up bitcoin. I’ll search for “bitcoin” then I’ll search for “why Bitcoin sucks” (or something that shows a current opposing viewpoint). The truth generally lies somewhere in the middle. Most people take comfort in listening to a narrative that makes them feel good about their decisions. That’s called “dumb money”. Take in all the info and make a decision. You might not want to hear some of it. But better than getting Rekt. If you’re in it long term, stop watching videos and check back in once every month or so. Unless of course you’re actively trading. But I just buy dumps and consider that money gone for a few years. That way I don’t worry about it.

  3. The board just approved Elon Musk to get multiple million shares for price of $70 that’s how he can collateralize his shares

  4. Deezy, please explain how South Korea is a safe-harbor for countries trying to avoid sanctions. Japan which has the bank you mentioned, SBI Holdings is also a premier financial hub of the East. Wishful thinking if you think governments are going to let BTC jailbreak the system. These are 2 of the friendliest countries to the US in Asia which means our interest are aligned. Stick with speculation on BTC. The world is much bigger than what you’re ready for, bro😂

  5. Am really making good deals From Gold, NFT,AMC and Crypto and really profiting from it as well $20k from the game in just a week

  6. I just flew back home from Mexico City and all on the radio stations they listen to is about how bitcoin is the only real money, they have a couple of good places and bars that accept payments in crypto, it was cool to see.

  7. The approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF will be the beginning of BTC’s divergence from the stock market.

  8. Everyone understands that where bitcoin is, there is money and new technologies. So now more and more countries will accept it, which means people need to invest more usdt in bitcoin before it takes off

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