In this video, we will discuss the price of , , and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto .

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  1. “Everyone is bankrupt” Bro y’all cant be using deceptive headlines like this. Stuff like this is why coin bureau has more subs than you and why altcoin daily will overtake you……

    1. I agree. First I muted the notifications, next is unsubscription. Hate this clickbait headlines.

  2. If Ben Doesn’t Show Up More Often… He’s Gonna Lose His Happy Hunting Ground !!
    Friendly ⚠️ Warning

  3. Exchanges are the ones that have the best chance to survive from the bear market as they make money in all market conditions.

    1. This channel is in trouble… now complete clickbait titles – possibly shorting, Ben’s trying to save his reputation after being called a scammer, and unfortunately got crushed by Celsius, opened 1M position in XRP when it was around $1 – now 30 cents and no end in sight.

  4. Take your coins of the Exchanges or you will lose THEM!!!!!!! Put them in a COLD WALLET…..🙏

    1. Unstake it, move to a self custodial wallet for now and if you can stake it privately, do it. I have ADA staked on Yoroi Wallet, Atom staked on Atomic Wallet, VET staked on VThor Wallet. Keep it off 3rd party platforms. I’m still smarting from Celsius locking out a bunch of ETC I had.

  5. These guys are crazy low IQ. Cold takes with regular news stories? 🥱
    The “T.A” guys apparently want to be urban rappers as well as traders?

    1. People have been telling him this from early last year… they could care less what you the viewer want as long as you buy the projects they shill.

    2. All the top crypto sites offer time stamps. Even if your broadcast is live, and some topics run over the allotted time, you could your add time stamps when the broadcast is done, for the people who watch the replays over and over!

  6. click bait to watch again? getting old.. exchanges that focused on core service may be fine but many getting involved in dangerous lending

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