WARNING Massive Crypto Hack! (CEO of Bitcoin Steps Down)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, , and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the markets and the latest crypto .

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WARNING Massive Crypto Hack! (CEO of Bitcoin Steps Down)

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  1. State Tax is deductible from Federal and they are removing the $10,000 cap on this deduction with the Inflation Reduction Bill. Anyone can claim this if you itemize. I would guess the IRS taxes you on the full amount of the lottery winnings even if you take the immediate payment penalty.

  2. Some hot wallets allow you to disconnect wallets from networks whenever you want, Eternl for cardano is like that…in hold bear market scenarios like we are in now cold wallets are the best option, but in the midst of the bull runs you want to sell and buy fast that when the good hot wallets come into play, like trust wallet and Eternl, metamask has lost all trust

    1. Same with the maiar app. You have to approve connections to dapps and it always disconnects after a certain amount of time

  3. Hey quick question. I’m staking on deadalus and using my ledger is that considered cold walled?


  4. How is sol still a thing? It gets hacked every other week non stop and it’s not even decentralized.

  5. You got tax on lottery wrong. You started with the max payout which is only if you do the 30 year option. It appears the payout amount after taxes shown was for taking the cash option, which is only in the $600M range. So going from $600M down to $400M range is reasonable.

  6. Bitcoin will not be the go to for peer to peer. There’s better tech for that. BTC paired with Lightning requires prefunded intermediary nodes to process simple transactions, is centralized, expensive and cannot process smart contracts.

  7. I respect those who learn from their mistakes and can admit when they are wrong. Bitboy has grown on me.

  8. I am just waiting for the day that Satoshi Nakamoto sells all his BTC…taking these last months into account it should be very soon!

  9. The cash out option on a lottery is NOT a tax. What you win is 20 years of payments, paid out once per year. If you opt to get one payment (the cash out option) the benefits of the annuity are lost. In effect getting the cash out option is “equivalent” to getting 20 years of payments.

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