Warren Buffet Hates Bitcoin! (How PMI Affects Crypto)

Today we will be discussing the latest PMI report indicating an economic slowdown in business and factory activity in the US and how it affects . Next we’ll look at how Warren Buffett has positioned Berkshire Hathaway in light of recession fears, and last we’ll talk about Telegram and its plans to auction off usernames as NFTs to its 700M subscribers.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing , Ethereum, Cardano, and the top . Our four crypto experts Mac, Ragzy, Arcane Bear, & Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis.

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Arcane Bear:
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Ben Armstrong:
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Warren Buffet Hates Bitcoin! (How PMI Affects Crypto)

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  1. After the GFC, we adopted MMT which basically means the only way to keep the economy going is to pump money into the M2 money supply, fiscal stimulus, lower rates, etc. With this change, the boom/bust cycles have become more frequent and dramatic. The emo chick is right, things did change after 2008 and the economy changed and will change again as part of the rest. Inflation isn’t our biggest problem with MMT, but deflation will be the killer.

  2. Find and tell us about 10 new projects that can do a minimum of a thousand X you know one that you can put $1,000 into and it will turn into a million dollars this market cycle

  3. Hard to listen to someone that talks about, we might have a RECESSION COMING, when we are in a RECESSION.. You lost me!

    1. @Davers You need to read the whole thread. But, that’s might point, we are in a recession, it’s the beginning and we will be lucky to not go into a Depression. But, to listen to someone say, we might have a recession coming, means he’s not informed.

  4. Like Elon Musk stated for Tesla, the only thing that matters is the speed of innovation. The Bitcoins and Ethereum’s of today are picking up with new and innovative use cases. The old ways will die out because they can not change and adapt quick enough with the changing times.


    Oh yeah, Arcane Bear is a beast. Would love to hear more insights from him.

  5. Buffett has responsibility to protect share price for his shareholders. T bills may simply be a hedge – small portion of his cash position.

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