Was That The End Of The Crypto Market Crash?

The markets have simply had the worst week, potentially in history! The question on everyone's mind is now: Is this crash actually over, and what are the indicators we require to look out for, to ensure we can see another drop coming prior to it does. In today's Friday Banter, Cryptoman Ran goes over the current crypto market circumstance with our special visitors Alex Mashinsky, Jordi Alexander, and Invest Responses. Do not miss this Small talk!

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00:00 Show Summary & Intro.
02:35 Is the Worst Over?
03:35 Jordi Alexander Joins the Small Talk.
04:00 United States 10 Year Treasury Yields.
04:56 Inflation Numbers.
05:27 NASDAQ Chart.
05:45 Alex Mashinsky Signs Up With the Banter.
06:50 Nothing Worse Than Inflation.
07:55 Currency Decline & Inflation.
08:45 Invest Responses Signs Up With the Banter.
08:55 The FEDs Agenda.
10:25 3 Months Inflation Decrease Needed.
11:15 What the marketplace Priced in.
11:35 Utilize .
12:25 De-Leveraging Requires Time.
13:00 International Wealth Ruined.
13:25 Is the Worst Over for Crypto?
14:15 Luna Crash Evaporated $50 Billion.
15:20 Luna Bag Holders Count.
16:02 Luna was Unique.
16:35 Where the Yield Originates from.
17:47 Celsius Holding Terra UST?
19:10 Anchor Protocol Yield.
20:10 Crypto Dot Com Yields.
20:50 3 Pails of Stablecoins.
21:40 Over-Collateralized Stablecoins.
23:20 Algorithmic Stablecoins.
24:15 Justin Sun's Stablecoin.
24:45 The Terra UST Error.
26:02 Measuring Profits.
27:45 De-Pegging Stablecoins.
28:50 Stealing Your Cash.
29:30 Terra Luna Attack Explained.
30:30 Do Not Show Your Hand.
31:00 Everybody Lost Cash.
31:30 Email from Castle.
32:10 Crypto Stress Test.
33:00 Cascading Panic in the Market.
33:52 What's the Damage to Crypto.
34:35 Fuel for Regulators.
35:00 Crypto Tourists Leaving.
36:19 Degen Mindset.
36:54 Individuals Will Not Modification.
37:40 Financial Markets Compared.
38:50 What To Do Now?
39:40 Sleeping Like an Infant.
40:40 What to Invest In.
41:35 in June.
41:52 Cosmos (ATOM).
42:10 Action 'n (GMT).
43:10 Swing Trading.
45:00 Bitcoin Computation.
46:02 Elon Musk and Twitter.
47:45 Will Clemente's Tweet.
48:35 Bitcoin Realized Cost.

Is The Over.

Was That The End Of The ?

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  1. Hi Ran, may I know what are your thoughts on Orion Money since it’s a cross chain stablecoins bank?

  2. Yeah, need to find that CD. LOL! 😄 Yes, we are all wondering if the crash is over.🥵

  3. I hope this is not the low… freaking USDT was just shy of my buy order 🤬 😭

    90% in USDT..

  4. Great stream. Pure gold in this conversation. Thank you guys. Stay strong everyone. God bless! 🙏

  5. Sadly not over yet. Sunday night going into Monday. Big drop to 22k coming. Fill your bags. There will be no chance again at those prices. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀

  6. to Ran with love: ‘it’s a much harder task to convince someone they’ve been swindled than swindling them themselves” (paraphrasing Mark Twain)

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