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Intro 00:00.
Bitcoin, Inflation, S&P, etc 00:50.
Cardano rate on weekly (dip potential) 3:45.
everyday assistance 4:45.
6 hour chart Cardano breakout potential 9:35.

Cardano cost remains in a certainly unstable assistance location as bitcoin and traditional markets likewise waver amidst unknown international circumstance. ADA rate does have a risky disadvantage to be careful of, but there is a bullish scenario that we need to keep an eye on that might translate to bullish confirmation on long term cardano charts.

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* Crypto Capital Endeavor does not ensure or make any representations or claims to any particular amount of staking benefits that you will earn through entrusting your Cardano. Any return that the procedure pays out to you is decided by the protocol. You are not investing your Cardano with Crypto Capital Endeavor. Handing over to a Crypto Capital Venture stake pool does not include moving or legally assigning the Cardano or the rights thereof. Crypto Capital Venture just works as a validator and supplies community members a method to hand over to the Cardano Protocol consensus mechanism. All staking portion rates and all rules and specifications are decided by the Cardano protocol.

* The above video recommendations a viewpoint and is for news/information and home entertainment functions only. It is not intended to be investment recommendations, monetary advice, or any solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or deal that you purchase or offer any or securities. Trading in cryptocurrencies and securities is a high threat activity involving danger of loss so please look for a duly licensed specialist for investment or financial suggestions. The information offered on this video should not be used to make any investment or financial decisions without consulting your financial or investment consultant. This video contains my viewpoint just and is not meant to cause damage or libel anybody or any entity.

Crypto Capital Endeavor approves tracking bitcoin market in particular. The basic facility of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price rate relocations extremely in a really volatile method, there is much opportunity in being gotten ready for benefit and drawback. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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  1. aggressive rate raises with 30t in just national debt … stay in cash and buy the blood, life changing gains for those who are patient

    1. @Alandale give me 10k if so rich . Lol . Once I turn it to 50k give you 25k . Let’s go . No balls . Haha

  2. After watching so many different videos for a long time. I can honestly say that most of the time no one knows what will happen in the short or medium term.

  3. Unfortunately Bitcoin has past the point of no return getting rejection off the 50 day MA. The same thing happened with the Nasdaq 100 and they move in lockstep together with the previous tops and bottoms. Nasdaq 100 has already broken lower too.

  4. Anyone know why Coinbase hasn’t been providing ADA stake rewards? hearing a lot of people saying they have not received anything since the March 25th auto stake.

    1. Bout to just move it elsewhere. It’s been weeks since it’s shown anything but zero rewards

    2. Coinbase support told me that the pending rewards being shown were incorrect and were removed but the staking rewards are still being generated. I don’t know about anybody else but the first day staking was available I had a pending amount of almost 10 ada which was ridiculous considering I only had 1500 ada in that wallet

  5. When the markets like this, it’s your patience that gets tested more than your trading skills. Most of us get in to crypto for the fast & volatile markets but the ones who can sit on their hands & stick to the plan for months on end are the ones who will make life changing money.

    1. There is ALWAYS a way to make money in this market! While the market has not been set to easy mode recently, there are still nft to flip, solid coins to stake, IDOs to ape into, trades to make, yields to farm. Never stop hustling for those gains

    2. I’m sure not anyone who is just starting out will be able to navigate the crypto space? I don’t have the heart to see the bulk of my portfolio go from green to red.

  6. Awesome video! Thanks for your daily analisis and congrats for the Channel!
    Greettings from Tenerife

  7. Hey man love the content your always posting great content, what software or app do you use for your videos. I like the neon line/frame where your picture is. Keep up the good work!!

  8. It’s like Groundhog day watching ADA and watching these channels.

    One day to the moon next day down again – overall sideways for week in week out!

  9. 25-30k btc and 50 cent cardano can happen for sure. if its happen, im gonna buy as hell 🙂 good work dan, follow you like always

  10. When it drops back down into teens I’ll buy more and when it drops back into the single digits I’ll buy even more. Hopefully it doesn’t get completely delisted and we can be rewarded for our patience.

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