We Don’t Need More Jobs

If we are headed into recession, why fight for more jobs to be created that will be eliminated in the near future based on market conditions?

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We Don't Need More Jobs

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  1. Then add the Millions of people entering the southern boarder illegally, what do you see in 1 yr for the job an home markets???

  2. Ben you are not an economist. Please learn something before you make statements like this. You don’t have a global understanding of what you are saying.

    1. @stuffs33162 you should use autocorrect before making statements like this. The federal reserve will not pivot until there are signs that our economy has slowed. Therefore bitcoin number no go up. 🤦‍♂️

  3. We don’t want job growth right now, we want BTC to dump another 50-80% and get even more rekt…lol.

  4. That is called stagflation ..dude you have zero idea what you are talking about. Rising unemployment along with rising inflation is a very bad situation and will last a decade if that happens. Slower job growth will not automatically bring down inflation, there are a lot more variables than that. Makes me not trust your “Bitcoin” advice at all.

    1. What makes you think inflation hasn’t peaked? Genius🤦‍♂️ As soon as CPI numbers show a reversal, risk assets will rally. I’m not sure what you’re doing out here, but you’re definitely not paying attention.

    2. @T_DeVille I’m saying job growth going down will not necessarily make inflation going down. And then what you would have is high unemoyment AND high inflation. Ben is basically saying we need to be Zimbabwe to solve this problem. It’s dumb. We dont want stagflation

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