What is VRA and Will It Moon? – Verasity DeepDive

Bots have been ravaging all corners of the internet, annoying humans and stumping advertisers. Verasity looks to change all that, implementing a proof of view model to help better navigate your way through the seas of machines. Today Deezy is going to break down what Verasity and its token $VRA hopes to accomplish and whether or not this is an altcoin worth looking into.

0:00 Intro
0:27 Token Overview
2:55 Verasity Fundamentals
5:09 E-Sports
6:23 Future

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What is VRA and Will It Moon? – Verasity DeepDive

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  1. I had a lot of it last bullrun and i got sketched out of it with its unique staking with a 72 hour withdrawal hold. Then it 8x a month after I sold because of course

  2. Strange you don’t know 90b of the token will never hit the market, they are marker token… may be you should do you own research;)!

  3. Finally guys, you take a look at some other lower cap projects. It would be great if you start reviewing lower cap with potential coins. Not only top 50

  4. VRA’s max supply is 20bn not 110bn. This is likely to change very soon on CMC and Coin Geko as Verasity’s team recerntly addressed this issue on Twitter. So yes, please do your own research!

  5. It already had a massive 10,000% pump last bull run. Don’t expect it to do the same this time around. But with kuck and enough hype it might still do a lot of X’s. Just make sure you sell at the right time.

  6. Everything that was said nearly all correct, 90 billion tokens that won’t enter circulation, but are used for the Ad fraud and are closed loop, 10.3 billion approximate coins in circulation with burns being done now quarterly, and 10 billion coins in their warchest to be used when required in the coming years when new acquisitions are made with businesses, remembering there are alot of different platforms that can still take on board verasity proof of view.

  7. This channel shilled me VRA in the last bullrun, then it went up 100x for me! I was very happy to have gotten in when I did, but regret only putting in $50. Despite it being down along with the rest of the market, the community has remained, the team continues to build and I will accumulate a giant bag this time.

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