What Just Happened?! Crypto Market Panic

A quick update on what's going on in the markets, banks collapsing and the marketplace prices changing.

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DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that the material of my media is my personal viewpoint and is planned FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY, not financial guidance. Absolutely nothing herein shall be construed to be financial, legal or tax advice. The material of this video is exclusively the viewpoints of the speaker who is not a certified financial consultant or registered investment consultant. Acquiring cryptocurrencies postures considerable threat of loss. The speaker will not be delegated any losses or gains. Constantly do your own research and recommend with an expert before making your own investments.

What Just Happened?! Market Panic

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    1. Lmao fr, he tried scamming people so hard and his dumb vegas nft bar fell apart so fast. I bet he lost millions 😂😂

  1. Great to hear that great concise and organized update on the crypto market. Looks like some good buy opportunities! Beard is looking good too! Glad to have you back.

  2. If JRNY posts another vid within 2-3 weeks, we’re coming out of the bear market. If JRNY doesn’t post another vid for 6 months, just keep hodling/bag holding. That’s all the market analysis you need by now.

  3. I would love to see any news on SRK like the old times if they still exists and haven’t gone under😂💯

    1. why? a bunch of random guys like him held tokens like BNB and ADA when they were worth nothing and made it big. They all became crypto influencers and now act like they are crypto experts. They know nothing more than you or anyone else. They now just try to monetize in things like NFT or make videos during big market events. If you believe in crypto then DCA, but never follow any crypto influencer

      These guys make their $$ off of you guys, not off of their investments at this point

    2. Yuga Labs is absolute trash front to back there’s no integrity inside of any of this. Point blank.

  4. Wow, great video! It’s amazing to see how cryptocurrency can provide a reliable passive income stream for investors. I think it’s really important for us to keep our safety in mind and focus on our primary goals when investing in cryptocurrency. I found Linda Wilburn’s trading strategy to be really helpful and have personally seen great results, accumulating 32btc in just three weeks! She truly is the best cryptocurrency signal provider out there and her strategy is a game-changer.

    1. Her technical analysis is excellent and her interpretation/projections of the market is so accurate I sometimes ask myself if she is human haha. Point is, Linda is the perfect trader to follow for advise and daily signals.

    2. Venturing into the trading world without a professional trader and expecting profit is like turning water into wine…lol, you would need a miracle, thats why i trade with Mrs Linda, she is a Pro.

    3. Wilburn literally saved me, just before the crash she advised me to get out of my long position. I’ll recommend her any day.

    4. Strategy minimizes risk and maximizes profits. Trading with her has been incredible throughout the last few months, and I would recommend her strategy to any one.

  5. Damn looking at your current upload takes me back to the 2020 pandemic bull market & we all were hoarding ada together lol fun times 😂

  6. The only thing I can predict about crypto accurately is that this phony will return when it seems we are in a bull market.

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