What’s Next For The World Economic Forum?

Climate change is next up on agenda. Everything must change to avert a MAJOR climate catastrophe.

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Watch the full video here:

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What's Next For ?

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    1. Yes bro, just scroll back a few days. I think it was published on the 4th of April. Worth watching and jump into a hole the check it yourself👍🏻. Its all true. Stay possitive as we might win this time💪🏻😎

    1. No. It’s not at all. You are going to start hearing about The Green New Deal again sooner than later. We would be hearing about it already if the Dems didn’t think they were in trouble in the midterms.

  1. You know Ben. I’m impressed. I’ve been in crypto since 2017 so of course I know who you are. Using your platform to shine light to this direction when it doesn’t necessarily suit you “brand” is a pretty stand up thing to do. Much respect.

  2. Klaus knows is not poss to avoid climate change as its cyclical and nothing new in the history of our lovely planet. They r about to use climate change to meet their own goals wchich r not what a normal human wants

  3. I hope you don’t good impressions from this type of videos? You are on the right part sir. at the end of it all, Money can not buy everything

    1. I know.. it realy sounds linke conspiracy.. But what I could see in the sky’s and what I have learned about it… It seems to be real 🙁

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