When In Doubt Zoom Out

In this video, Ben reflects on the power of and being patient with the markets. !

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  1. Morning sunshine. Well I think the bottom is coming a little sooner that we thought. Well suns out, guns out, time to start sniping. Well probably another dip or two, but then pew, pew. Hang on people it’s getting choppy out there.

  2. Luna holders: “IT DIDNT HELP” 😂

    ps. i started buying Luna at 8USD and now im crying, i now have decreased my cost average to 0.80usd but i have slightly heavier bags than i would like

    1. @Randy Marsh i bought at 0.01 and now my average price is 0.13 😀 fingers crossed, we might see a relief pump when the peg of UST gets back to 1 usd

    2. @GankMan Yeah im hoping for even a bounce say to around 30-40c.. might aswell try and make some profits in this messed up market lol

  3. I’ll be creating a new channel to become an influencer now so that I can start shilling stuff in the future bull run.

  4. one of the worst crypto channels made me lose over 100k guys. i wish i never entered crypto ruined my life.

    1. That seems like that’s on you I started with 100$ by the end of the run I got a new mustang paid off

  5. Because of this guy I wasted thousands of dollars as he was claiming in 2021 that we will neve to break below 46k anymore. Lesson learned- do not listen to YouTubers

  6. They have just said that they will burn UST and then will burn billions of LUNA also. It’ll go back to $2-3 within the next 8 hours

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