WHERE Did $2.1 Billion Bitcoin Go?? (BAYC Gets Exclusive Look At Other Side Metaverse)

Today we will be discussing $2.1B in BTC treasuries being erased from balance sheets over the past 12 months. Next we’ll look at Binance’s CZ dispute with a domain owner over trademark infringement allegations and last we’ll talk about BAYC’s Otherside tech demo release.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing , Ethereum, Cardano, and the . Our four experts Forrest, Sin City , Max Wright, & Brad Varnell. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis.

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Sin City Crypto:
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Max Wright:
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Brad Varnell:
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Intro music by Gregario Franco. Song – Nacht
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WHERE Did $2.1 Billion Bitcoin Go?? (BAYC Gets Exclusive Look At Other Side Metaverse)

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  1. Crypto market been pretty negative and boring 😴 . Really hard to see if crypto will really be a safe haven asset even bullion isn’t providing safety to inflation currently.

  2. Relief rally ? No, it’s just a higher high on the 4hr, now see where it puts in a higher low, or not

  3. Finally someone points out the giant turd in the room. Well done Max Wright!! Who gives a toss about BoredApe, and NFTs.

  4. Binance can afford the $1.2 million the domain name costs. They probably make more than that in fees per day.

  5. Kadena is about to be listed on Coinbase and 100x
    other 100x potentials this run are: BenQi – TVK – HIGH – KDA – Enjin -DoDo – Alice -Luna.

  6. As always, great job Deezy. You are indeed a talented young man. The panel was great as well. Sin City, Brad, and the others worked well together, and I enjoyed the different opinions. Onward and upward fellas. 😇

  7. Fair market Price because if you think of the Larger Community being Canadians. Take your reasonable jackpot and let Binance continue through into Canada for Canadians.

  8. I’ve been in the Metaverse 8 years or so now with Grand Theft Auto. They’re the original Metaversa

  9. Factory box mode is about to launch, owning NFT will be an advantage as chickens lay golden eggs.

  10. I miss you guys… Watched every video every day… But since I lost 90% of my bag with Celcius, I just can’t stomache crypto anymore. Can’t see or hear about it. Just can’t get myself to get back in. Don’t trust anyone in crypto anymore… I built my bag up for years, buying as much as I could, not having money for other things at times, but making a sacrafice to pay off later. It’s all gone. And I don’t have the money now to build it back up. It took me years… The crypto space is for the lucky few. These are predators killing ppl like me, who aren’t whales.

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