Which Market Phase Are We In? 🤔 How Low Can We Go? 📉 (Crypto Cycles Explained! 🚀 🌕)

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Hello, fam! Crypto Casey, here 👋 and I'm on a mission to improve people’s lives through #crypto education. In this important video we explore market cycles and try to determine which phase we might be in during this current bear market. We analyze the Wall Street Cheat Sheet, NUPL chart, and other factors that could give us insight on what to expect this summer. Let's jump in!

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Be safe out there.
—Crypto Casey


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Which Market Phase Are We In? 🤔 How Low Can We Go? 📉 (Crypto Cycles Explained! 🚀 🌕)

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  1. Love your content but cant help but notice the overall lack of enthusiasm in this current market- hope you’re diversified

  2. your channel stand alone in the crowd of crypto world. I have been watching your videos for a few months now. amazing stuff so far. I have a question? you said that we have to take profit along the way and you have recommended for DCA strategy. how?

    1. T̼h̼a̼n̼k̼s̼~̼~̼f̼o̼r̼ ̼w̼a̼t̼c̼h̼i̼n̼g̼!̼!̼!̼
      ̼T̼e̼x̼t̼ ̼o̼n̼ ̼W̼h̼a̼t̼s̼A̼p̼p̼✞̼︎̼✙̼①⑥⑥⑨③⑥⑨②⑦④⑧🚀🚀🚀📉▶️.

    2. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback! I’m actually making a video about that today, so stay tuned…

  3. I’m happy I found your channel. Your amazing. Right now I’m putting everything into USDC. Earning that interest. Holding my bags strong. Just Hodl it lol. We will make it Fam

  4. I just don’t think we are close to this bear market ending. I am sure the US government will try and push the economy up but I just don’t see it happening. We going into the summer and gas prices just keep rising. A recession is coming and I don’t know if we can do anything to stop it right now. I personally hope that it continues thru the year so I can keep getting good prices. My personal guess is we have just started to see the pain and more is coming.

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    Hello, fam! 👋 In this important video, we explore market cycles and try to determine which phase we might be in during this current bear market! —Crypto Casey

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  6. Denial phase.

    Macro factors (money supply, asset valuations, markets laughing at Fed credibility) driving the bus, not to mention global uncertainty, tightening credit markets, bond yields rising.

    Haven’t even gotten to the fear/anxiety phases and real capitulation happens when the instutional players go full risk off.

    Saylor’s margin call is in low $20k area, so that’s what will really drive the final leg down.

  7. My novice opinion is that we’re definitely in the anxiety phase. Fed rate hikes, inflation not going away and housing costs all signal no relief anytime soon.
    So bummed I’m cash poor and cannot take advantage of this market even more…gotta hustle to make more money so I can invest!!!

  8. Another great video, you’re now my go to channel for anything crypto. Keep it up! Thank you 😊

  9. we need a big big big red volume bar in the stock market. at that point a wave of defaults will bring down something “too big to fail” and the Fed will pretend to tighten but instead they will cut the reverse repo rate which will allow >$2T of liquidity back into the market.
    we are nowhere near that yet.

  10. Thanks @cryptocasey for such a balanced POV. So great to hear such a clear signal over all of the noise right now. Thank you!

  11. I think/hope it will continue for a while yet as there is a recession coming so its a perfect time to keep DCA. I have a couple risky investments so hopefully they can see this through but overall hope it continues.

  12. Great video as always. I have seen this “wall street cheat sheet” before but I didn’t clearly understand what was going on in the graph. Thanks for your great explanation there Casey. Appreciate the extra videos through the bear market. Keep up the good work. 👍

  13. Great video Casey – I like your balanced and pedagogical approach to crypto. Keep up the good work!!

    1. sooner or later, more people will realize the power of better money and they going to absolutely LOVE it. Bitcoin

    2. Kathleen Rife works the market like magic, I keep on earning every single week with her awesome strategy….

    3. What impresses me most about Kathleen Rife is how well she explains basic concept of winning before actually letting you use her trade signals. This goes a long way to ensure winning trades.

    4. I never doubted trading with Kathleen Rife after seeing her POT(Proof of trades). I made good profits last month, I hope to make more

  14. Great video, very informative. If I have listened to your advice from day 1, I would be in a much better position now. Greed is a tough b*tch to beat, I guess. I think we haven’t touched bottom yet because we are gonna get a financial crisis too, all is brewing for it to happen: interest going up with most countries with historical levels of debts, and central banks without options due to massive inflation. If this one get me us unprepared it is because we let it happen

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