Why Bear Markets 🐻 Will Make You Rich 🤑 #Crypto #BearMarkets

Why Bear Markets 🐻 Will Make You Rich 🤑 #Crypto #BearMarkets

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  1. Great little confidence booster casey 👍 thats the best light ive ever seen you in Radiant Girl 😉

  2. If you can’t handle losing a thousand dollars you won’t make one hundred thousand dollars.

  3. More concerned about the wave of government regulations in the wake of the Terra/Luna disaster. I know here in Europe, Crypto isn’t looked at with any affection.

  4. I’m stacking up to buy huge when a further dip happens in the coming months. I will DCA until then but will hit hard until the next bull run starts which may be in 2025.

    1. @Crypto Casey That it will. We’ll overcome this storm and many more.

      Also, I got my mom into crypto and she as well loves your perfectly detailed videos.

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