Why Bitcoin & Stocks Will Decouple

In this video, Ben discusses the reason why and the stock market are not coupled. follows a cycle and has a life of its own.

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Why Bitcoin & Stocks Will Decouple

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  1. It’s still a highly speculative market, and that’s why stocks and crypto are coupled. Investors move into speculation when risk is fair, and then pull money when it isn’t.

  2. Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  3. By far, Bitboy, you are one of my favorites. I hope you don’t mind if I share some thoughts. I am listening to Crypto Banner. Yes, he is good and offers good information, but I quickly see his shortcoming. Like almost all crypto analyzers all they can do is analyze the technicals and certain fundamentals of the coin, such as market cap, usage, ownership, or circulation, which is effective especially in short term trading. There is a limitation to analyzing technicals and certain fundamentals because all they can do is analyze the data, try to find patterns, trends, and correlations in data and predict and speculate. There is undeniable truth in data analysis so long as no outside variables change the patterns, trends, and correlations. I think two vital areas to consider for approval, acceptance, and adoption of crypto are ideologies and geopolitics. These are variables that crypto analyzers are weak on likely because of age, education, and personal and prior experience “a posterior”knowledge . Believe it or not, Bitboy and many analyzers understand that although they doen’t know the correct ideology to adhere to, although they are in the ballpark. I think Bitboy and a lot of crypto analyzers are on the right path because many are humble and morally good people. The crypto community for the most part are a good community and supportive of the industry, although the Bitcoin Maxie’s are turning out to be counterproductive. The point is ideology and geopolitics is going to be subject in the end over approval, acceptance, and price action and not necessarily a coins utility. For example, Gary Ginsler, the SEC, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Bank Institutions, hedge funds, and politicians to name some of the main players are ideologically driven and are trying to maximize their geopolitical influence with the other 197 countries for gains, some likely not noble. These are the people to be aware of that will in the end have a say in approval acceptance, adoption, and price of Crypto, not the retail investors. So yes, I see the merit of technical analysis as a safe way to buy and trade. It’s definitely a solid, proven strategy, but the real money will be if we can identify, buy, accumulate, and hold the coins that the big players are thinking of targeting, to look who made the coin, who is on the board, what companies invested money into the researchers and developers, and the use cases of the coin. Last comment. The world is in big trouble, not just America. Why? 1) Every major country was printing a lot of money, which devalued their currency. 2) America is ideologically confused. That’s bad because that causes division, and you can’t get anything done if people are immoral and arguing. 3) Energy dependence 4) Inflation 5) Regulations 6) Recession 7) War and the threat of war. Manipulating any one of these will affect the prices of stocks and crypto and whether investors be they retail or institutional will invest. Right now the 7 points that can affect stocks and crypto under the current administration are not looking good. That is why I say the markets will drop significantly in the next 3 months. The longer the ideological and geopolitical positions don’t improve the longer we will stay in the bear market unless some other overwhelming constructive variable lifts us up.

  4. Classic moon will go up. Luna 2 already loses 80%. It is much better to invest in Ecosystem of Luna 1 and 2 ) Anchor protocol or Astropod. They will serve for both Moons… they are already at + 43%

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