Why DCA-ing in #BearMarket 🐻 is More Profitable 🤑 than Bull Market #Crypto #Investing #DCA

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Why DCA-ing in #BearMarket 🐻 is More Profitable 🤑 than #Crypto #Investing #DCA

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  1. You know DCA in a Bear market is the way to go. That is a very good way to look at it. 👍

    1. @Lawrence Walker dyor research it’s not that hard, if u dca in the bear u make more profits than dcaing the bull market simple facts that most retail investors don’t understand lol

    2. @Regular Dude I understand the concept. I’ve been in crypto since 2018. I am currently DCAing. Just want to see her results. So again, which video is this from?

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